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So it looks like I may get a new P/T job to supplement my job at TomTom. It’s still a bit of a long shot, but my buddy Brad said there might be an option where he works. We were talking about it last night, and I said that I would love to get some hours there if they would be understanding about my weird “it would have to be on rainy days” thing.

He apparently had some turmoil there this morning including the firing of a beloved coworker. They were already understaffed. They normally have paid interns, but those positions had been frozen until recently which threw them out of the school seasonal hiring schedule.

So we will see. I’m hopeful. I could use the extra hours and the extra money. What’s more, the position, while not anything like any ‘illustration’ gig I would ever think of, does have the word illustrator in the title, so it might be a bit of a resume builder. What’s even more, I know that I will learn a lot - which is enough to be enticing all by itself. I’ve been so stagnant in recent years when it comes to learning anything. I feel like my brain is turning to mush.

Anyway - this all has me looking at my resume and touching it up / adding the TomTom relevant information. That, in turn, had me wandering down my work history in my head. I’ve long thought I need to better document the jobs I’ve done in my past. It’s a pretty broad spectrum and it would be nice to reference them.

Keep your fingers crossed for me and the potential new side gig!

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8/27 '19 8 Comments
Good luck! I look forward to more details about what the work entails.
Thanks! Will do.
I really hope this works out!
Thanks! Keep those fingers crossed!
Yes to updating your resume! Yes to jobs that wake the brain beast!
Indeed! This would teach me (at least) more about CAD (specifically Artios CAD which I'm completely unfamiliar with), Illustrator (believe it or not, I don't have much experience there) and some others as well as equipment like specialty cutting machines for prototype building.

It's enough that it has me intrigued.
Oooh! Fingers crossed. And ... did you get it?
Sadly(?), no. The hiring freeze did me in. Well, that and the fact that they just got rid of some folks. My buddy was actually surprised that as many folks went to bat for the idea of hiring me as did. Goes to show how bad they need someone.

Actually - kinda reminds me of some of the stuff Amy's been through.