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Teaser graphic for IonQuest Games' The DOORS of ETTIN location from the Location Lexicon.

It's the new year, and it's time for new things.

After working on this concept for over a year, Brad and I have started the production season for IonQuest Games' Location Lexicon.

Anyone who has ever been a Dungeon Master has had the experience of trying to get something ready for their players in the Nth hour. Scrambling to getting something ready for them to play for the next game session and the (perhaps inevitable) writer's block that will go with such efforts.

It's stressful, it's frustrating, and it sours a lot of folks on the idea of being a DM in general.

That's okay, though. We got you.

The Location Lexicon is a series that we will be running for quite a while. We'll release one Location every week on the IonQuest Games Patreon page. One location every month will be free and public.

The Locations will have everything you need to cover a game session on a single page pdf. Each will have a challenge for the characters and everything the DM needs to run the session.

Simple, effective, and waiting to make the effort painless.

Oh, and my art to help bring each Location to life.

The teaser above just hints at everything in the full page pdf.

Right now we're only charging $3/month. We want to make it effortless for those who want to support us from the getgo. We will be upping those prices in the very near future (maybe even February 1st), but those who get in at the beginning will get to keep the lower rate. Kinda sending the love back and forth as it were.

Anyway. If you're into ttrpgs, and / or want to support Brad and myself doing this sort of thing, check out the Patreon page. Sign up for free even if you don't have the resources to pay - you'll still get one free location every month!

Any questions? Ask away!

Yaaaaay! This is so exciting!! Well done to both of you!
Thanks! We've worked long and hard just to build a buffer so that our audience doesn't suffer if we have something come up that temporarily derails us and so we have our process well worked out BEFORE folks are relying on us.

All of which is to say that it's REALLY nice to actually be able to start showing folks the results of all that effort! :)
Thanks, bud! I'm pretty jazzed to see how folks respond to it.
Oooooooooooooo! Were I GMing...
Heh. Yeah. Honestly, that nicely encapsulates my biggest fear. We are appealing to roughly 1/4th to 1/7th of the audience.

That’s something that I considered, but remain hopeful we can overcome.

If you’re NOT in the GM seat, we would deeply appreciate you pointing us out to those who are! :)
The only GM in my life these days doesn't use a single off-a-shelf product outside the core (PF1E) rules. A total world-builder and improviser. Alas. But I always keep you in mind, brother!
Roger that - and thanks!
What I great idea. So weird coincidence, I GM'd for the first time in decades just before Christmas. We're doing a thing where we are rotating GMs so everyone gets a chance to play/GM. Mine was going to be a one-night-only sort of thing, but then real-me failed a Save vs Food Poisoning so I sent everyone home early. The upshot is

1. I have only half a session prepared for our next time. So I need some more!

2. This is very timely so I'll check it out.

3. I'll pass it along to our group cause we're all kinda GMs these days.
Yay! Glad this will be useful! When is your next session where you're GMing?
Friday! I'm running them through this It's going to be exciting because we're a Pathfinder party and this is for D&D 4e. No idea if it's going to be balanced. But some point I figured it was easier to just have a resurrection/rescue plan than to attempt to rebalance