My change included several hexagonal brass coins that were called pennies after the currency revaluation.  They had collectible reverses, including such states as Hawaii and Antigua.  I had purchased water in comically-small one-ounce bottles.  A teenaged beggar asked me for one of them.

"See a penny, pick it up! All day long you'll be a schmuck." — Chris Adams

I went to Antigua once. It was a business trip that thankfully didn't pan out, the whole concept of offshore banking made my skin crawl. The intriguing things were just beyond my grasp on that trip because of the schedule and the company I was keeping. But I did see some sort of traditional British colonial judicial ritual unfold in the street. And at the airport, grasping for an authentic souvenir, I found just one: a sampler of local candy.

Yesterday was our 25th date-iversary.

Also, for the first time, i made cheese as part of a work social event.

How did it taste?

Today I finally figured out what your avatar picture looks like.
“Adam Driver stats as Kimble’s brother, Fred Kimble, in KINDERGARTEN COP II: SECOND GRADE.”
It tastes like a less salty, tougher mozzarella. Or, if you've ever had queso de hoja in Ecuador, just like that.

The picture is from my daughter Rachel's wedding. I have no memory of what provoked my reaction.
rone 4d
"you're getting married???"
Oooh, neat! How long does it take? Is it cow milk? Someone got us a little mozzarella-making kit for Christmas nine-zillion years ago and I have yet to try it. Maybe this week, because that looks really cool.
They send you a refrigerated pack of curds. Then you basically just add salt and hot water and stretch it and fold it and squeeze it. If you start with milk, i guess you have to turn it into curds first.
rone 1d
where does one get this? This looks like an excellent job skills activity for someone I know.
This looks like fun, thanks!
You are indeed the cheesiest.
New and improved! The cheese of today!
Happy Kimsday!

The movie Clue and Columbo reruns have ferried me through a lot of grief.

I was  talking to someone about myself. And I said "yes, but I can deal with the corpse without damage to myself" and it's true. I'm not being dramatic or spinning wild yarns about heists and crimespree movies. I'm talking about people dying at home.

I can compartmentalize and I can cope. I may not be great with details but I am good with logistics and I can handle crises.

Even this tired. 


How would you define 'over the top' social distancing and quarantine? 

I've been thinking about this a lot lately and I have answers from kids my age but I'm curious as to what adults think.

Is there a point where quarantine or social distancing is extreme?

Please respond if you see this :)

The reasonableness of precautions correlates with the measurement of the risk. (Risk = Potential Loss times Probability). The same protocols people are following today also help prevent colds and flu, but we weren't willing to do so because we felt that the potential loss is low enough to accept.
Seriously though, I think Brian nailed it above.

The tricky part to _this_ issue is the fact that the Potential Loss might be paid by someone else if you become an asymptomatic host.

So my philosophy has been essentially "If I don't NEED to have an in person encounter with another human - I don't." And while my use of the word 'need' is not 100% accurate (I could order food delivered rather than mask up and use the local grocery store) it has served me pretty well.

I understand and appreciate that this won't work for everyone. To call me an introvert is... an impressive understatement. Still, I see this as a responsibility for me to go a bit beyond where others will because I can. A little of the ol' "From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs."

I guess I just hope folx will remain focused on being as vigilant / cautious as they can manage for a while longer as the vaccine roll outs continue. :)
Context is everything. What are the risks, known and unknown/guessed at? Who is at risk, what value is assigned to these people, who gets to determine that value, and how do your actions affect them and respect or disrespect their value? When or how would the benefits (which benefits?) of any action outweigh risks? Who should decide that or how should that decision be reached?

Different environments with different rules mitigate risk in different ways. We live within a web of connections and, during a pandemic, this interconnectedness becomes obvious and indisputable, whether or how we acknowledge it or not.

Also: people make poor decisions when we're depleted or exhausted, or when desire or ideology blinds us to risks. It's very human.

"Over the top" seems like a coded phrase for one person or group disagreeing with the values or risk assessments of another person or group.
I’m really tired so I’m not going to explain this well.
In any given encounter between two people who haven’t quarantined together, there are risks and rewards.
Example: I can’t remember exactly when this was. It might have been early November or late October, when it seemed like there was no end in sight. My brother, my mom and I were all at her house, doing some cleaning. We all wore masks, but we were about 3-4 feet apart. My brother and I have been living together since March, my mom has been in her retirement community, where they take social distancing and masks very seriously. My mom is 72.
When we were getting ready to leave, I couldn’t stand it anymore and I gave my mom a hug. She hugged me, and she hugged my brother.
After we left, my brother said he was worried that we might have gotten Mom sick. I agreed. We didn’t talk about it after that.
Was it a bad idea? Probably. I’d been going to grocery stores and Target. I could have been carrying something. She could have passed it from me to my dad and/or other people in her retirement community.
But I needed to hug my mom, and she needed to hug me.
Turns out, nobody got sick from that hug. Do I feel like it was a selfish risk? Yes. Was it important for my mental health to hug my mom? Also yes.

There’s another post on my account from December or so, when I had to bring a bag of stuff from my brother in law, who 100% had Covid-19 at the time, to my sister in law, who was hospitalized with Covid-19, because he couldn’t risk leaving the house and he wasn’t allowed to enter the hospital (they knew he had it). I thought him handing me a plastic bag of stuff was NOT an acceptable risk for me, so I told him to toss me the bag and I’d put it in the trunk of my car.
Did he toss me the bag? No, he walked up to me with it while I walked backwards yelling, “toss it, toss it Barry, SIX FEET, BARRY,” and finally I just grabbed the bag to make him go away.

Barry knew that if I got sick, nobody could take care of Ted. Ted has autism spectrum disorder. He also knew that if Ted got sick, it would be much worse because Ted can’t fully understand what’s happening , and to cover his mouth when he coughs, etc. Barry was also in denial that Covid-19 is serious, because if it’s serious, he infected his own wife, who still hasn’t fully recovered.

We all have to figure out who will be affected by our actions, every time. This is why it’s so exhausting.

It's snowing again. There haven't been any trash pickups and there's a scary icefall on the corner of the building, but otherwise, we're fine. Our house is built for it; the city has infrastructure (if a hateful bully of a mayor who can't manage them); we've got good clothes, a kitchen full of food and no special needs.

I miss biking in it but I'm never going to get my fender.

The world is a horror.


Everything is too much. So i broke my "no frivolous spending in February" plan for supplies for a fanciful showgirl headpiece for an online gathering scheduled later this month. I feel pretty conflicted about the spending part, but not at all conflicted about the hours I spent drafting the pattern pieces. I have not been focused like that on anything in what feels like years--and probably is actually close to a year.

I read some costuming blogs; looked at a few vintage hat patterns; looked at some vintage hats. Measured my head and just started drawing on butcher paper and pinning things to the wig head (which is smaller than my head). I changed direction two or three times, but I think I have a plan now. And maybe some overly-ambitious further plans.

But it felt good.

I want to see pictures of the finished piece!
Finishing the hat.
How you have to finish the hat.
How you watch the rest of the world through a window
While you finish the hat ...

I dreamed that I was watching hundreds of pages flash before my eyes.  Some had only slight differences from each other, as if they were evidence of the multiple-worlds hypothesis.  When the changes slowed enough for me to get the gist of one article, I memorized the details.  It was written by someone with the unusual name of "Jicknicy" and it was about Penn State athletics in the 1950s.  When I awoke, I actually FOUND that article, and showed it to my wife as proof of my psychic abilities or photographic memory or something.

Except... THAT didn't happen, and when I awoke for real I found only trace references to obscure usernames on sketchy websites.

So... if someone reading this is one level up from me, I'm ready for that kick to wake me up again.

Failing that, you could try identifying the source of these lines that I probably didn't make up entirely, and which Brett also vaguely remembers in this reality:

"Oh, what shall I do?  Oh, where shall I go?  The streets are sloppy and full of snow!  My boots are old and full of feet, and I must face everyone I meet!"


I am end-of-the-rope. My hair is a horror. i can't reliably get groceries I need for things I'd like to make. I still can't get fenders for my bike. Everything I touch at work explodes. The cat's health is failing. I miss my friends. I never get a chance to be alone. I miss bars. I miss restaurants. I miss my parents. 

I'm tired of clicking on headlines or texts or emails promising to tell me how, where and when to vaccinated only to learn I can't, no-one knows, good luck and be patient. 

I'm sick of this ineffectual, limp Congress. I'm sick of my incompetent, wealth-chasing mayor. 

I'm tired; I can't sleep. I'm bored; I can't read occupy myself. I'm drinking too much. Eating too much. Spending too much (how? I can't leave the house!). My temper is short. My humor is spent. My patience is absent.

i'm just like everyone else.