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Yesterday was our 25th date-iversary.

Also, for the first time, i made cheese as part of a work social event.

2/27 '21 11 Comments
Happy Kimsday!
How did it taste?

Today I finally figured out what your avatar picture looks like.
“Adam Driver stats as Kimble’s brother, Fred Kimble, in KINDERGARTEN COP II: SECOND GRADE.”
It tastes like a less salty, tougher mozzarella. Or, if you've ever had queso de hoja in Ecuador, just like that.

The picture is from my daughter Rachel's wedding. I have no memory of what provoked my reaction.
Oooh, neat! How long does it take? Is it cow milk? Someone got us a little mozzarella-making kit for Christmas nine-zillion years ago and I have yet to try it. Maybe this week, because that looks really cool.
They send you a refrigerated pack of curds. Then you basically just add salt and hot water and stretch it and fold it and squeeze it. If you start with milk, i guess you have to turn it into curds first.
where does one get this? This looks like an excellent job skills activity for someone I know.
"you're getting married???"
New and improved! The cheese of today!
You are indeed the cheesiest.

May Kim and i look so good in another thirty years.

11/28 '20 4 Comments
I've been meaning to say. I LOVE these photos!!! I thought I DID say, but realized I hadn't, so here we are. LOVE THEM. And you and Kim will surely glow twice as bright.
Careful. If the exponential series continues the descendants will eventually ignite the atmosphere.