About One Post Wonder

Development and operations

One Post Wonder is owned and operated by Tom Boutell, with major design and technical contributions from Sean M Puckett.

We're a business, but with a difference

One Post Wonder is a business venture. However, it is our intention to eventually operate One Post Wonder as a "B" Corporation, or under a similar legal structure that commits us to the public good as well as the bottom line.

One Post Wonder will eventually display advertising and otherwise seek to meet its costs and earn a profit. However, a paid account option will exist. Those choosing paid accounts will not be shown advertising. Paid accounts are the best way of ensuring that our best interests remain aligned with yours.

We intend to continue offering free, advertising-supported accounts as well. We understand that a social network without your friends and family who hate to pay for things is a lonely place.


One Post Wonder is copyright 2014 Thomas Boutell, except for the content of user-contributed posts and comments. All such posts and comments are the property and responsibility of their individual authors.

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The default profile picture is property of buzzfarmers on Flickr and is used under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic license. Thanks for the puppy nose.

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