Rules and responsibilities

Your content is yours

We don't own your posts, comments and uploaded media (your "content"). You do.

By uploading your content, you give us the right to show your content to other people, subject to the privacy settings you choose for your post.

Sharing content that isn't yours

If you do not hold the copyright to the content you share on One Post Wonder, we expect you to verify that you have the right to share it. If not, don't share it. If you share it anyway, you are solely responsible for the legal consequences.

Your content is your responsibility

Any and all legal consequences related to the content you choose to share on the site are yours alone. One Post Wonder accepts no responsibility for what you choose to say or do.

Hate speech

Content which, in our judgment, incites or advocates harm to a specific person or group of people will be removed, or access to it by those other than the original author will be disabled, at our sole option.

We are in beta

One Post Wonder is currently "in beta," meaning that not all features are as complete, reliable or secure as we ultimately intend them to be. We don't make features live on the site without testing them internally. But the proof is in what happens when real people use them. This is why we have a beta test period.

As a beta tester you agree to give us the benefit of the doubt and share your feedback via the "bug button."

We do not require you to refrain from commenting publicly on the progress of One Post Wonder, but ask that you do so taking its beta status and our good intentions into account.

Email notifications

One Post Wonder features email notifications of new posts and comments. You may opt out of these notifications. We may also from time to time send you email notifications regarding changes to our policies, features or business plans.

Compliance with the law

One Post Wonder is subject to the laws of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA. If we are required to remove content or disclose information by law we will do so. When possible we will disclose that this has happened.