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Two dogs are better.

We picked Mila up in December and she's a goofball with a short attention span.  We love our very cute and talented Staffords.

10/3 '19 6 Comments
Those look like some Very. Good. Dogs. :)
Helllloooooooo derrrrrrgs!
ARGH they are so CUTE. Good doggie dogs.
This is a lovely development.
Thomas Boutell 10/6 '19
Anne Mollo 10/3 '19
I love bull breed dogs. And these two are super cute. Bonus!
Ray Conrad 10/5 '19
1/3 '17 3 Comments
I've been trying to parse that photo as a dog under a blanket, but I keep just seeing a bunny under a blanket. Gaaah!

Either way though, 'tis snuggly.
His ears are just so frickin cute.
rone 1/5 '17
Adorbs. I want to burrow under the blanket too.
Anne Mollo 1/13 '17