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I write plays, make puppets, clean up messes, take in strays, eat and drink and curse too much, and laugh too loudly.

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I finally finished knitting a hat for winter. 

The pattern is Half Caf Hat by Lion Brand, and the yarn is Landscapes in Volcano, also by Lion Brand. I decided to shelve my usual yarn snobbery (it’s 100% acrylic) so I could have a hat, FFS. 

The pattern results in a giant bonnet, and my noggin is not a small one. The first try resulted in a hat that would fit a T. Rex. For this one, I used size 7 needles instead of 10, and I wish I’d had 68 or 66 stitches around instead of 72. 

But it’s finished, and I love it. 

You've got a secret now, honey, and though you'd never sink as low as him, you could blab it all over the school if you wanted. The label in that sweater says

one hundred


Karen 1/30
Seriously, congrats on Actually Finishing A Knitting Project. I know all about that particular thing. Looks adorable. <3
Karen 1/30edited
Yeah - Ima have to agree. Looks great!
Hat is cute. Face is cuter.

Thanks to UnFuck Your Habitat, I cleaned the entryway to our house today. 

I may have been putting this off for a couple of years. It’s always too hot, or too cold, or too nice out to be indoors. Today the high was 63 and it rained like hell.



When you think you’re too tired and cranky to do anything, go see a small-budget live show, preferably one with a talented friend in it. You will catch yourself talking to yourself out loud in the bathroom, saying, “I like my life.” 

I actually caught myself saying, “I like my life, but I’m so tired.” 

Note to everyone else: Kyra Baker’s one-woman show, Witness, has its final performance on Thursday night, at The Asian Arts Initiative.

You might remember Kyra as Officer Foster in Traveling Light and as Anne in Fox Haven. I knew that she came from a very religious family, that there was a schism, and her brother refused to attend her wedding. I never felt comfortable asking her about it, I just figured the time would come when she’d talk about it.  This show will make you never hate Jehovah’s Witnesses. 

11/14 '17 2 Comments
This week is probably too crazy, but hmm. She was so good.
Thomas Boutell 11/15 '17
She’s super good.

You know it’s chilly when there are 3 cats on the bed, and none of  them are fighting.

11/7 '17 9 Comments
Everybody was warm cat fighting
Thomas Boutell 11/7 '17
Those cats were fast as lightning.
That looks like the snuggliest place EVAR.
Heap big snuggly. Come on over if you’re cold. Hold still long enough and you’ll be covered in fur.
I just showed Matt that photo, and as he touched each catty-boomboolatty on the screen he said, "Cat. Cat. Cat." And it almost had a melody, but not... so we just started singing it stupidly. Feel free to click (or not click) the spontaneously-composed, cat/bed-inspired song, currently titled, "Sometimes We Want a Cat."
I LOVE THIS. Careful, or I will send more pictures of cats, posed at odd perspectives from the camera to inspire harmonic and rhythmic variance.
Challenge accepted! :)
I think maybe this IS the best song ever. Also you sound like someone else, in a fun way.
Thomas Boutell 11/14 '17

Sometimes you want a cat
Who will never learn your name
They're indifferent that you came

You wanna go where kitties know
The humans are all to blame...
Thomas Boutell 11/14 '17

Took a 1-hr bike ride today. I feel like myself again.

10/28 '17 10 Comments
Looks beautiful. Saturdays are amazing.
Chris Herdt 10/29 '17
Yes indeed. Especially in October when it’s quiet at the shore.
Fabulous! Your expression in the you + Vincenzo selfie says it all. 💗

(I had forgotten you were away this weekend. Ignore the NEDNOP comment from earlier.)
I can’t remember when I felt this peaceful.
Wow! Where did you stay?
Thomas Boutell 10/29 '17
The Starlux, in Wildwood. It’s a “boutique hotel” that looks like it was entirely designed by Jenn Rice Abrevaya.

AND: their bikes are free for guests to borrow. Far from fancy, just street scooter bikes with coaster brakes, and you can’t borrow a lock, so it’s just a ride and return thing. Good medicine for amateurs (like me).
That sounds heavenly. Something to think about. Although we're more likely to make a day trip and visit the pinball museum.
Thomas Boutell 10/29 '17
There’s a Zoltar fortune telling machine at Ed’s Funcade on the boardwalk. We went through the pinball museum and their rules are bizarre, if memory serves. No photos, many of the games you can’t touch. It’s weird.
These are gorgeous! So happy to see you so relaxed.
I definitely won the relaxation lottery.

How about this:

each of us writes in a paper journal for 30 minutes. When you’re done, stop, walk around, and then write a haiku based on what you wrote in those 30 minutes. Post only the haiku. 

Anyone else game? 


List our shared burdens 

Macaw shrieks in the driveway 

Cook and clean our fears. 

10/2 '17 10 Comments
I'll play.
Rabbit 10/2 '17
The world makes me just
Want to play Skyrim all day
And randomly thrash.
Rabbit 10/2 '17
I was hoping you would!

And I completely empathize. Haven’t played Skyrim, but Oblivion made me lose several weeks of my life.
That's a very cool idea. I'm not going to take part, but I'd love to follow along. (I should use the time for Inktober and other illustration related stuff.)
I was actually thinking, “I should be doing something like Inktober. Matt’s so good.”
Awww. I agree on the first half, the second is definitely up for debate.
A paper journal! I think I'd never manage it. I haven't written more than a sonnet by hand in years. I find it romantic though.
Thomas Boutell 10/2 '17
It might surprise you!

Yes, I do. Particularly in this interview about you know what. 

In other news, today I was told that I am a horrible evil woman. Another person offered to smack me across the face. Both of them wanted to cut in line. I said nope. 

I just finished a webinar on career advice for playwrights. It was helpful but not exactly worth the $75 I paid for it. But it was helpful. Maybe $50 worth of helpful. 

This gets me thinking. This eveningI had two good things happen in the career I wish I could embrace fully , after shoveling a load of shit all day. Can I just drop the shit shoveling? Oh, income. Right. 

8/31 '17

I am not in the worst mood. The temperature is coming down. Things are not that bad. I'm tired, but not unhappy. It's like bubble wrap. 

Yesterday I was walking west on Arch to go get some lunch. I saw a Buddhist monk walking ahead of me. He was an older guy,  had a shaved head and a worn yellow robe, over jeans and sneakers. I walked behind him for a block or so, and noticed he would smile at passers-by, try to engage them, and they would wave and smile a little bit, but keep going.  I thought, "Buddhist Monk! Paragon of perfection! I'm happy to be walking behind this guy!" I've seen Buddhist and Jesuit monks in the area before, but never engaged with them. 

He turned and saw me, then let me catch up with him. He offered me a wooden bead bracelet, and this shiny gold card. 

I thanked him, and then he handed me a pad and a pen, with a little spreadsheet, indicating that I should write my name and "peace" on it, and give him twenty bucks. 

I reached into my purse and pulled out some cash. I had a five and three or four ones folded together, and I handed them to him. He wasn't happy. He said, "Twenty." I said, "This is all the cash I have." He said, "Ten." I said, "This is all the cash I have." He said "Ten," and I repeated the statement. It wasn't a lie. 

He shook his head and walked away. 

I did a google search for "kai guang amulet," and found that apparently monks giving tokens of peace in exchange for suggested donations of $20, $30 or $50 is commonplace in New York. Whether the items are blessed or not, and to what the money goes, is up for debate. 

So, now I have a wooden bead bracelet on my wrist, and a golden ticket in my purse. I'm trying to work the placebo effect as hard as I can; wooden beads on elastic around your wrist is a gentle reminder. Am I feeling more peaceful? I don't know. 

8/23 '17 2 Comments
If you had given him $50 he would have let you into the Chocolate Factory!

On the bright side, you're more Charlie Bucket than Veruca Salt.
For $100, I could survive the Chocolate Factory!
And thank you, I feel like Veruca most times.
Lindsay Harris-Friel 8/24 '17edited

Here is my elaborate system of alarms to wake myself up in the morning. 

I started sleeping through songs such as Bowie's "The Stars Are Out Tonight," so now I have songs alternating on different days. The 5:15 alarm is just to cut through heavy sleep, and make sure I actually hear the 5:30 alarm enough to get up. The 5:45 alarm is in case I sleep through the 5:30 alarm. The later ones are to keep me from forgetting that I have to walk out the door at 6:30, dressed and packed or not.

Here's the playlist of tunes: 

Abigail, Belle of Kilronan 

Mozart's Concerto for Piano & Orchestra #23 


When The Saints Go Marching In

Mr. Sandman (lyrically counterintuitive, but peppy) 

Say It Again 


Get Me Away From Here, I'm Dying 

Needle In A Haystack 

You're No Good

Come And Get Your Love 

Zig Zag Wanderer

A song that I have promised never to use as my alarm ever again is the Postmodern Jukebox bluegrass version of Blurred Lines. It opens with a shout of, "EVERYBODY GET UP!" 

Which sends both Vince and me through  the roof. Not in a good way. 

We'll see how this works out. 

Added, only for Friday at 5:30: Peg, by Steely Dan. 

8/2 '17 5 Comments
Damn, woman.
Out of sheer curiosity, what makes you say that?
I just, I thought having a snooze alarm addict for a roommate in college was tough... the music sounds kinda fun though.
I agree. Snooze alarm addiction is a thing. There's always 5 more minutes.

In my case, because I sleep with earplugs, there's a cutting through the cobwebs thing. The 5:15 alarms (first 2 songs mentioned: remember they alternate by day) are to cut through hard sleep. The second two are "get up, NOW." The third set are "you're overdue." After that, it's "how's that morning coming along? Are you out the door yet? Are you wearing clean underwear?"

Tell me I don't have a problem. Please.
Hey, I'm not walking in your moccasins.