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Can't believe the audience doesn't give that guy a little more respect for hitting that note. 

Also, yes, I'm getting psyched for the Foo Fighters new album. 

I feel like there was just *this* much awkwardness on his side that maybe it put the audience off. But, he really did do a beautiful job when he got to that note. I love this song.

I got a flu shot at CVS. It was easier than posting on Facebook. 
I went to, answered about 10 questions about symptoms (basically I clicked  "no COVID-19 symptoms" about 10 times), then I clicked on an appointment time and said, yeah, I'll show up. 
I went to CVS, waited, then I sat in a room with a nurse, she asked me if I had any questions, checked my ID and insurance, and gave me the shot. Done. 
Easy peasy.

If you haven't, and you can, get one. 

11/17 '20 4 Comments
I keep kicking myself because I haven't yet. It's on my list.
Dude! You're more at risk than the rest of us. Today.
Thomas Boutell 11/18 '20
Do you need me to Shia Shout DO IT at you?
Um. Now. Please.
Anne Mollo 11/18 '20

I've been smelling decaying leaves all morning, but now I just got this combined with a whiff of someone's hearty beef with vegetable soup. It's not my favorite soup, it's probably Campbell's Chunky, but damn if I am not here to tell you that this smell is bringing me joy today. 

10/2 '20 2 Comments
I...I got that reference!

After grabbing every album, EP, CD Single, and circulating bootleg through _Boys for Pele_, I missed a crapton of stuff, and literally dove in to check out her newer material this past weekend. She never skipped a beat. No pun intended.
Paul Lord 10/7 '20
YES! The meanderings of my brain are not completely irrelevant!

I'm a sucker for gloom. 

9/26 '20 5 Comments
Nice gloom!
Thomas Boutell 9/27 '20
You know something? I'm right there with you. I'm a big fan of misty/foggy days. Part of it is the fact that the big glowing orb in the sky isn't blinding me. Part of it is at their rare. Part of it is that they just seems so cool.
Matt Lichtenwalner 9/28 '20edited
I am so there for the gloom.

It's peaceful.

Right now, in fact, I'm working out on my porch. There's a light rain falling, the whole of the sky is a single tone of off-white and the cloud wall has completely obscured the New York coastline, birds are muted, the gutter is gurgling. It's magnificent.
Anne Mollo 9/28 '20
That sounds really wonderful.

I lit a candle and sat outside on the cool grass and poured a glass of Carmen Stevens Cabernet Shiraz blend into the dirt. Carmen Stevens is the first black winemaker in South Africa. I figured it was the most appropriate tribute on hand. 
We have so much work to do. 

9/18 '20 3 Comments
Tomorrow I sign up with Vote Save America and adopt a battleground state.
Anne Mollo 9/18 '20
Googled it and signed up for the mailing list. Thank you for the tip.
So sad. She was super inspirational.

Hi, everybody! 
I'm making a public post because I want people to be able to see how cool One Post Wonder is. Here are some things I can do with OPW. 
I can post a photo of my cat stealing my office chair. 

Isn't she a scamp? 

I can also post links to documents. I used to make a shortlink to a document in JSTOR.

Here's a YouTube video of Mongolian throat singing. 

I hope my friends who can see this will leave lots of comments and sub-comments to show how that works. 

This could be a good thing for people who need an alternative to all the bad platforms that are out on the Internet. I hope more people will benefit from this post and the One Post Wonder community. 

9/14 '20 15 Comments
This is an example of a comment. You can also leave photos as comments.
Whoa. You never told me you knew the Addams Family. What IS that building??
Anne Mollo 9/15 '20
That’s the Woodmere Art Museum, but Ted and I had exactly the same reaction when we first saw it.
Who's the Funko figurine?
Brian Rapp 9/15 '20
That one is General Leia, in her Last Jedi outfit. I’ve also got Captain Phasma, Maz Kanata, and Jack Harkness from Doctor Who. A guy at my old workplace was super scary right wing, really pushy, and thought he was the king of all science fiction knowledge, and also thought it was his job to go around asking women personal questions and pushing his opinions on them. So, my husband bought me these for my desk, so I had an easy conversation re-direct in case I needed one. If you put pop culture stuff on your desk, people assume that’s the sum total of your personality and they think they know what your deal is.

Plus, three wise women and a bisexual rogue are a good posse to have.
You can interact with people online and not contribute to the downfall of society? What a great site!
Chris Herdt 9/15 '20
By and far my favorite form of social media. Thoughtful, interesting folks leaving considered responses. What a novel concept!
Did you not have any public posts before this one?!
I don’t know if I did. I was trying to woo Dr. Fig over here, but what she needs to needs to be done through office City University of NY channels. Shrug.
I'm trying to woo 11th Hour Audio over here, because they want to move their organization scheme away from Facebook. They mostly need to be able to post discussions with nested comments, I think, and share images to some extent. They can use Google Drive to share sound files.
I would love to see something like that happen!
the guy who runs it would too. He said, "is there a way for people to PM each other through OPW?" I said, "Nope. They would have to email each other, so their conversation is not your problem." he said, "I like the sound of that."
lol! That's a great point that I hadn't considered.

Here's a heartwarming short story that a friend made, recently. It's less than 4 minutes long. 

The Kindly Nettle 

8/31 '20 4 Comments
Oh my gosh that was LOVELY.
Anne Mollo 8/31 '20
That's my boss, the same guy who said today, "I'm stoic." I said, "yup, you're stoic as a rock."
Really like his accent!

Reminds me that one of my creative writing profs was originally from Jamaica. It was great to listen to her read passages or poems.
Chris Herdt 9/1 '20

I promise you, there is strong demand for this software. Audio drama writers desperately want scriptwriting software. 

The format has to look like this:

It HAS to have line numbering. The sound effect directions often include stuff like, "rain continues through line 45" and so on. 

Shortcuts, like you find in Final Draft and Celtx, are needed. It's easier if we can hit tab twice, type "b" and get "Brienne Of Tarth."

Essentially, Celtx needs to get off its ass and bring back its radio drama script format (which I think they 86ed) at a reasonable price point, or a disgruntled Celtx employee needs to rip off the software and make an open source version on the DL. Final Draft is the most commonly used software in the US for scriptwriting, and they've never had a radio play format. They need to get with the program. 

5/23 '20

I was in a bad mood, but I'm feeling much better now. 


Holy shit share that
HEEHEEHEE. Thank you. I could draw pointy headed Mike Pence inhabited by aliens for the rest of my life. Ted was the one who came up with “and the alien is just a big giant eyeball.”
This has a very Bill Plimpton feel. I love it.
(googles Bill Plimpton)
That guy? Ooh, thank you!
Okay, these are seriously frickin great!

We need to get you some unlined paper lady. ;)
I know, but I also have Journal Fear. Like, "Oh, this is a Good Notebook, I can't mess it up." as opposed to "this is a regular notebook, I have room to make mistakes." Room To Make Mistakes is the room where I tend to do well. In a perfect world, cheap-ass notebooks would be made with recycled paper so I don't feel like I'm killing a tree, the pages would have a great texture, and would be dotted instead of lines, so I can write on lines when I want to and draw with reckless abandon when I don't.

I also know that "pages with great texture" and "recycled paper" don't always go hand in hand.
All good thoughts - I will just add:

>>"I also have Journal Fear"
They're called SKETCHbooks. Not REFINEDPERFECTARTbooks.

>>"In a perfect world"
They make cheap ass notedbooks with dots out of recycled paper. Or at least, I know that they make all three of those things, so I'm confident SOMEONE put all three concepts into a single notebook.

>>>"I also know"
Yeah - the whole recycled paper / great texture is the one area where you might have to go without. I have yet to find that particular combo, but it's probably a quest worth undergoing. I also find that I sincerely enjoy ball point pen on way-too-smooth computer paper. The whole 'glide-y factor' can and does make drawing different and fun at times. So paper texture might not be the ultimate concern.

Basically, what I'm saying here is "MOAR Lindsay Art Please!"
Also? I just noticed that there's a little American flag sticking out of the hooman suit crumpled in the background. Not sure why, but that's slaying me.
Oh, thank you. That turned into an overthinking point for me. I realized that I should go back and put the flag in the first picture, like a lapel pin or something, then I thought, well no, it'd be too small to match with the final frame, then I thought, okay he could be holding it, and then I decided I was overthinking it.
Definitely. I kinda like it just as it is. :)
Yeah, and what I need to remember is that any drawing is better than no drawing at all. Ivan Brunetti's style is helping my confidence. I tell myself, "just draw shapes and then figure it out." I had a terrible time with the 2nd panel, thinking, "what are the shapes of someone reaching up to unhinge their own jaw?" and then I thought, there aren't really shapes for that because the human body isn't supposed to unzip itself like a suit, so I figured anything was OK as long as the eyeball looked good.

First: I'd never come across Brunetti before. After some quick Googling / YouTubing, I'm fascinated! I can see his influence in Ted's stuff now that I'm aware of it. :) Thanks for broadening my perspective. I wouldn't have seen it in yours if you hadn't said something because you seem to be fleshing out (heh) more details. Your drawing fu is strong.

Second: Nice work on the breakdown of someone 'unzipping'. You figured out what the focus is and as long as that expresses what you're trying to get across, the rest are just details. THIS is the stuff of master Pictionary artists. (And truthfully, ANY kind of illustrator, but it's even more critical in the time constrained world of Pictionary.)
Yep! The "FIELD NOTES" brand of sketchbooks/journals are all that and moar... plus: hipster cachet!
I use Amazon's knock off band every day for my driver's log. Bought myself a nice leather 'wallet' to keep it in, and have it with me pretty much always.

Ted and I were asked by an organization called PAR (they help people with autism and intellectual disability) to make videos advocating for support for Direct Support Professionals. 

Ted's is better. He's a handsome devil. 

This was take 3. I read a media kit explaining all the issues to Ted, while he took notes. Then he wrote out what he wanted to say, while I asked him open ended questions to help him stay on topic (he would have been happy to talk about every musical he had ever performed in or wanted to perform in). 
He recorded it once, reading off of his notes. It looked like he'd been kidnapped. I made cue cards. We recorded it again with the cue cards. Somehow, that was worse. Then we tried doing it as an interview, since he pretty much had the copy memorized by that point. I still think this looks overly coached, but most people would at least read talking points off of index cards for something like this. 

Feel free to share the videos. 

5/3 '20