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Me: “If for some reason NASA wanted to send me to Mars, I would go.”

Son: “You can’t even watch a 3-D movie!”

It’s true.  But hey, I survived Mission: Space at Epcot! (barely)


Thankfully, Mrs. Ferret was talking about making a pan o' cocoa, and NOT a panic cocoa.  Aie!  Recipe available upon request.

May your day be merry and bright!

12/25 '18

And the man in the back said, "Everyone, attack!" and it turned into a ballroom blitz.

And the girl in the corner said, "Boy, I want to warn you it'll turn into a ballroom blitz."

And I said, "Thanks.  Thanks a lot, but a warning that was not, 'cause it's already a ballroom blitz."

12/22 '14

The line between obvious and impossible can seem pretty thin at times.  What capability should your computer have that could be accomplished by a single individual in a reasonable time frame?

9/18 '14 4 Comments
Chris Adams suggested in another forum that an app ought to be able to substitute for glasses when it comes to optimizing the viewing experience on a particular screen for a particular viewer. But it turns out this is not possible; you'd have to be able to turn the pixels so that the light goes in a different direction altogether.
Thomas Boutell 9/18 '14
I have heard this was done recently, but I did not dig into the details.
Brett Heller 9/19 '14
Yes, it's clever hardware as I understand it, they did turn the pixels!
Thomas Boutell 9/19 '14
So you need a prescription screen?
Brett Heller 9/19 '14