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Apparently I dreamed up an online board game about other powers preying upon Austria.  This description bears some resemblance to Maria,​​​​​​​​​​​​​​(
a game about the War of the Austrian Succession which I have not played. 

And rone, you were there too! 

The preceding has not been a paid advertisement for
​​​​​​which hosts hundreds of non-imaginary board games.  


I am a cavegnome!  And I went to my reward with 4077970 points, having never successfully cast a spell.  I would have maxed out my attributes though, if a titan hadn't disintegrated my +5 helm of brilliance.  13 intelligence is pretty good for a cavegnome, right?

12/30 '21 1 Comment
Nice! Aw 404
Thomas Boutell 12/31 '21

My ability to do math may be slightly inpaired by the late hour, but here is direct evidence of the Not That Long Ago Effect:  "Thirty years ago, after the USSR came to an end..."  "1971?  That can't be right.  I must have forgotten to borrow a one.  1981's not right either.  But that means... 1991 was thirty years ago!"

12/9 '21 1 Comment
"Holy shit, remember physical instrumentality? That stuff was... well, it was stuff."

"What's grandblox nattering on about now?"
Thomas Boutell 12/10 '21

"Black Widow" passes early, with a brief conversation between Alexei and Dreykov about a MacGuffin.  Alexei later talks a little bit with his arm-wrestling buddies and guards too.  That's... maybe it?

7/17 '21 2 Comments
I was just recently made aware of the “named character” addendum, so that may disqualify everything except that first MacGuffin conversation.
Brian Rapp 7/19 '21
It’s a fun thought experiment, although as I understand it the point isn’t that every movie needs to pass the original test, it’s that the bar is so low and yet so few do. Since there’s no such problem in the inverse… but we know this.
Thomas Boutell 7/23 '21

Do any of you remember this song that popped into my head this morning?

"They played jump rope, but the rope, it broke.
So they just sat around telling knock-knock jokes..."

4/29 '21 2 Comments
Absolutely! They only ever released a handful of classic Sesame Street episodes on VHS, but "the ladybugs twelve" was on Vol. 1 when the teens were sproglings...
Paul Lord 4/29 '21
OH. Ladybugs 12 At The Ladybug Picnic!

Katie Couric:  "This member of the weasel family, whose name begins and ends with the letter E, is known for its white winter fur."

Me:  "Ermine!"

All the Jeopardy contestants:   <crickets chirping>

Me:  "C'mon, it's ermine!"

Wife:  "I didn't know that."

Me:  "But it's in the weasel family!"

Wife:  "Sorry, I married into the weasel family."

3/16 '21 1 Comment
I knew you'd ferret it out.
Thomas Boutell 3/16 '21