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Our son married his sweetie, who wore a dress made by my sweetie.

Fabulous!! Congratulations, Papa.
Congratulations! That dress is fabulous. Best wishes to your family!
Heartiest congratulations!

Very lovely indeed.
Congratulations to the happy couple! And lorrrrrrdy, that dress is gorgeous!

If you have CBS All Access^W^W^WParamount Plus, Star Trek: Strange New Worlds is everything you liked about old Star Trek plus all the coolness of the newer Treks.

If you have Showtime, The Man Who Fell to Earth is fantastic.  Chiwetel Ejiofor deserves all the awards.

>>>"Chiwetel Ejiofor deserves all the awards"

I've always really liked him.
I've been enjoying Strange New Worlds, too! They keep things just shallow and goofy enough.
Also, the captain's pompadour, which the actor has totally committed to, makes me laugh every time. I love it.
But I will say, these series "seasons" with only TEN EPISODES are for the birds.
This is something that seems to be a trend. I'm assuming it's because they're trying to get out 'seasons' faster to keep up with binge watchers.

But yeah, it's been really sticking in my craw, too. It feels like you're just getting started when it's time to wait for the next season.
I think of 10 episodes as being some kind of complete mini-series. Not stuff that's obviously going to be renewed.
Completely agree.
Agreed. Maybe we're spoiled from the 23-episodes era of the past, but it feels more like a movie being wrung out into a short series with filler sometimes. Are these half hour or an hour? I'm guessing an hour. One would hope.
Karen Kuhl 7/19edited
After the super heavy-handedness of "ST Discovery," we've been thoroughly enjoying how "Strange New Worlds" just takes its diversity as a given and incorporates it seamlessly into its story, scenes, and dialogue, without hammering the message home.

Robbb's getting more of the fanservice than I do, but I find that fun as well when I pick up references and in-jokes.

Also, TBH, a lot of TV for me goes in one ear and out the other. I can't remember the particulars of stuff I've seen, almost nothing at all. I joke that my favorite part of any show is its sweet, sweet "previously on" in the beginning. So for myself in particular, I'm very much enjoying how "SNW" is pretty much individual standalone stories every week. Yes, there are character arcs (and we haven't seen the last 3 episodes since we were out of town) and I imagine the show will basically end up being all about Pike and his premonition of death and stuff, but it's nowhere near the complexity that I had a hard time following with "Discovery."

I don't see that we have "The Man Who Fell to Earth" on our cable package right now, but on your rec here I'll put it on my list to watch for when it may come around.
Michele Grant 7/8edited
This is making me very happy. As a long time ST fan, I found Discovery to be overwhelming and am glad there are other options.
Oh, The Old Man is also stellar. It definitely has a lot of twists, and every actor involved is amazing.
rone 7/9
Oh good! It’s on my list but I haven’t watched it yet.

Everything Everywhere All At Once is absolutely amazing.  We braved going to the theater for the first time since "Parasite" and it was more than worth it.

From the moment I first saw the trailer, I’ve been wanting to see it. I can’t wait!!
We loved it too.
Yeah - I thought it looked pretty good based solely on the trailer. Glad to hear it gets such rave review!
This could actually get me to a movie theater.

Earlier this week, my calf cramped as i was waking up and i couldn't get it to release while remaining in bed, so i got out of bed to stand on that foot and force it to relax.  Unfortunately, i declared victory too soon and it kicked back, tipping me to the side and knocking me on my ass, much to Kim's concern, but i was unhurt.  By this point, my adrenalin had kicked in hard and, after finally putting an end to the cramp, i was awake and sweating.  After that, i headed to the toilet and, as i finished up, i felt quite ill as i felt the adrenalin rush recede.  I staggered back to bed and lay there nauseous and shivering, breathing shallowly until the feeling passed.

Anyway, don't do drugs, kids, because the comedown is a doozy.


Glad you’re okay.
Ow ow ow ow ow!

My mom used to get raging leg cramps that would wake her up, and she'd be crying and screaming-- it was awful. Apparently I've inherited some of this from her, too. No fun.

Someone recommended some weird topical concoction made of apple cider vinegar, garlic, ginger, and something else. It screams "snake oil," right down to the Comic Sans on the label... but holy mother of crap, it reaaaalllly works.

I don't know how, and if it's the power of placebo I don't care-- the relief is real and takes maybe 60 seconds max. The bottle says you can dab it on with a washcloth or cotton ball, you can splash it on Jean Naté style, or you can even drink it (!). I put it in a spray bottle which is easiest IMHO.

Here's a link if you're interested. Caleb Treeze Organic Farms Stops Leg & Foot Cramps

You will smell like a salad, but it really works.
SOLD plus one extra bottle for my mom.

Here’s an old wives’ tale that may be a useful data point. My mom’s friends apparently swear by taking a shot of warm water mixed with French’s Yellow Mustard, and no other brand will do. They claim that the turmeric and mustard powder prevents leg cramps.

I don’t believe it, but turmeric and black pepper might be helpful. YMMV, obviously.

It feels like aging is discovering which things that you used to do for fun are no longer enjoyable. 

11/3 '21 9 Comments
What did you discover?
Anne Mollo 11/4 '21
So far, watching hockey/football/baseball, playing soccer, collecting comic books, attending music concerts, doing wine tourism...

rone 11/4 '21
Are you also at least discovering new things to enjoy?
Anne Mollo 11/4 '21
Trying to. Nothing's sticking.

Oh, add role-playing games and technical conferences to the list.
rone 11/4 '21
Oh, we're playing more board games now. That's fun.
rone 11/5 '21
Shhh, ignorance is bliss.
Ooooof. Sorry to hear this man. [Makes a note to do all the things he enjoys this year, just in case they are meh next year]
Thomas Boutell 11/5 '21
I think Baryshnikov said something along the lines of "everything you do after age 40 is damage control."
“What I used to do all night, now it takes me all night to do.”

CM Adams 11/5 '21

It's Rancho Gordo time!

In the background: dehydrated sweet potatoes and collards.

3/22 '21 5 Comments
Looks lovely.
Thomas Boutell 3/23 '21
As in the Rancho Gordo heirloom beans people? I'd love to give them a try sometime. Which variety do you favor?
Michele Grant 3/23 '21
All of them? The above are Buckeye and White Navy. The Ayocote Morado are good, too, but they're out now. Of the ones available now, i recommend the Pinquito, Alubia Blanca, and Flageolet.
rone 3/23 '21
Michele Grant 3/24 '21
rone 3/24 '21

Yesterday was our 25th date-iversary.

Also, for the first time, i made cheese as part of a work social event.

2/27 '21 11 Comments
Happy Kimsday!
How did it taste?

Today I finally figured out what your avatar picture looks like.
“Adam Driver stats as Kimble’s brother, Fred Kimble, in KINDERGARTEN COP II: SECOND GRADE.”
It tastes like a less salty, tougher mozzarella. Or, if you've ever had queso de hoja in Ecuador, just like that.

The picture is from my daughter Rachel's wedding. I have no memory of what provoked my reaction.
rone 2/28 '21
Oooh, neat! How long does it take? Is it cow milk? Someone got us a little mozzarella-making kit for Christmas nine-zillion years ago and I have yet to try it. Maybe this week, because that looks really cool.
They send you a refrigerated pack of curds. Then you basically just add salt and hot water and stretch it and fold it and squeeze it. If you start with milk, i guess you have to turn it into curds first.
rone 3/3 '21
where does one get this? This looks like an excellent job skills activity for someone I know.
This looks like fun, thanks!
"you're getting married???"
New and improved! The cheese of today!
Brian Rapp 3/1 '21
You are indeed the cheesiest.
Anne Mollo 2/27 '21