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I was going to take my old Huffy mountain bike to the local shop to get a tune-up, as i hadn't ridden it in 4 years and i've been itching to get back on the horse since GBS.  As we walked past our neighbor's house, he mentioned that he had a road bike he wanted to sell.  I'd wanted to move on from the Huffy, because it's heavy and i'm just not as strong as i used to be, so i ended up buying his bike pretty much on the spot, putting the Huffy back in the Garage of Doom, and taking the new bike to the shop instead.

I picked it up today and rode it for the first time.  It'll take a little while to get used to the new handlebars, but the main obstacle is keeping my head raised, which causes my neck muscles to quickly get very sore. This will no doubt be the primary topic when i next see my physical therapist (whom i started to see recently for fine-tuning my remaining minor issues, mainly my shoulders).

7/28 '19 3 Comments
New Bike Feeling is such a good feeling.
Have you read Ilana’s posts over on Dreamwidth about her new electric bike?

Yay for physical therapy! Paul has had problems biking for similar strain/discomfort reasons. He’s been seeing a PT whose combination of tissue manipulation, dry needling, and strengthening exercises has transformed Paul’s neck.
I've not, although i have been thinking about getting one. If i were to have a commute again, i'd consider it strongly.