He's the hack from Mar-a-Lago
(Little Donald, Little Donald)
told his workers, "No te pago"
(Little Donald, Little Donald)
He thought big, he was optimistic
(Little Donald, Little Donald)
They didn't know he was narcissistic
Little Donald rants on the big stage
(Little Donald, Little Donald)
What he says doesn't make no sense

Sometimes people can be oh so dense
He didn't want it but he won it anyway
(Little Donald, Little Donald)
Little Donald stands in the White House
(Little Donald, Little Donald)
What he says don't make sense
What he says doesn't make no sense
(Little Donald, Little Donald)
Little Donald stands at a rally

Oh Donald John Trump I see you behind
The barred door of federal prison

11/18 '22 6 Comments
We can dream
Hi! I have nothing to add to this delightful post other than that, really. I like it a lot when you post here and don't take your effort for granted.

Oh--did you get through all of The Expanse books? Will you be sending them on, sending them back, or keeping?
I finished! Kim is reading them now, i will send back when we're done. Also, your strawberry jam came with us to on my birthday trip to Napa with my parents.
Oh yay for the jam!

Hope Kim enjoys the books. I thought they were just so much damned fun to dive headfirst into and not come up for air until I was done. Like a really great novel, only the story kept going and going and going. Might be the first time I felt SATED at the end of a story, not left wanting more.
You don't know me so this might be weird, but this post was really fun to read/sing.

Also, one can only hope that "the Donald" gets a jumpsuit to match his hair.
Not weird at all, that's why it's there!