Oh Wormie Boy, the Hive, the Hive is calling
From Earth to Mars, and in the Scarlet Keep
Oryx is gone, and all the Thralls are dying
It's you, it's you must go and I must sleep

But come ye back, for we are paracausal
And by Sword Logic you must always grow
So you'll be here when I am just a fossil
Oh Wormie Boy, Oh Wormie Boy I love you so

And when you come and all the Knights are dying
If I am dead, as dead I well may be
You'll come and find the place where I am lying
And sing once more my viral song for me

And I shall hear, and thus begin an aftermath
So my revenge shall even sweeter be
For you will send my greetings to Xivu Arath
And I shall sleep until Immaru comes to me

2/26 '22 2 Comments
Someone else who reads the deep background for fun
IHNJ, IJLS, "Hashladûn".

My son and I went to see "No Exit" at the community college theatre. It's a three-person study of the thesis that "Hell is other people."

What would you do in such a room for all eternity?

2/8 '20 2 Comments
Probably waste time on Twitter.

(I am a poser, I haven't seen the play.)
I'm afraid that your cell phone has most likely been confiscated.

INEZ: Don't worry. I've a glass in my bag. It's gone! They must have taken it from me at the entrance.

Me: “If for some reason NASA wanted to send me to Mars, I would go.”

Son: “You can’t even watch a 3-D movie!”

It’s true.  But hey, I survived Mission: Space at Epcot! (barely)

2/9 '19