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Wish I had something more interesting to tell you. Here are some cat pictures. 

More importantly: how are you? 

What's your favorite knock knock joke? 

What's your favorite lightbulb joke? 

Did you know that there's an entire subculture of people who do face painting? 

I’m dopey today but it’s self inflicted. On my way to see my brother.

Knock knock!

Who’s there?

Interrupting cow.


How many Monty Python fans does it take to change a light bulb?

It’s funny because it’s true!
Once upon a time I was at a party I wasn’t enjoying, but not enough to actually leave. It was a mildly boring party that might improve if given half a chance. A guy wearing a fedora and suspenders arrived, someone announced that he was hilarious, the funniest guy in the world, and the guy proceeded to launch into his own rapid fire repetition of the “what have the Romans ever done for us?” scene from Life of Brian. I say “repetition” rather than “rendition” or “performance,” because it was an emotionless yet otherwise verbatim repeating of the entire scene. Other than its accuracy, the most memorable aspects of this speech was that he did it with two un-ignorable speech impediments.
“… apawt from the thanitathion, the medithine, educathin, wine, public ouadaw, iwigathin, woads, a fresth wataw system, and public health, what have the Woemans ever done for us?”

I left the party very soon after that, silently swearing never to quote Monty Python ever again.

Yet, somewhere, I know that this story would make John Cleese very happy, to know his hard work continues to torture many to this day.

I think we might need to have a talk about The Eileen Fisher Spring Collection. I can't stop thinking about it. 

It's a lot of linen pajama looking stuff. Part of me says, well, yes, this is everything I want to wear when it gets warm out. But, I don't live in a bubble. Are these clothes that will keep me from boiling inside when it's 95 degrees and 95% humidity? Will they hold up while doing apocalypse activities, like growing my own food, tending my chickens, barricading my windows and fighting off bands of roving marauders? Also, those prices make me hyperventilate. But, I'm looking at some of this stuff and thinking, I could make that. 

I think Eileen Fisher needs to accessorize this with a tool belt for apocalypse tasks. yes, the clothing has pockets, but I'm going to need something more robust to hang my gardening tools and weapons. 

I might need to make a Pinterest board for this. 

Does this mean my executive function is bad, or good? Which section of my Eisenhower Matrix do I put this into? Important but not urgent, I guess. 

I tend to think that linen clothing, all by itself, is apocalyptic. I hate linen. The only time it ever looks great is before you put it on.

There's a category in my head called, "Shit designed for rich people." The alternate title is, "Shit that will enslave you because you're not rich enough to exploit someone else to take care of it." And it's FILLED with stuff like linen, or glass shower enclosures, or intricately carved woodwork. All the things that only look beautiful with constant PITA maintenance.
Anne Mollo 3/8edited
Truth. I’ve owned a couple of linen skirts that I loved but they always looked like I was wearing a crumpled paper towel.
I'm the voice of dissent here, I love linen and seersucker, the perfect summer fabrics. Both acceptable looking a little wrinkled. Maybe that's part of why I like them. It's possible that they work better for men's clothing though, standards are so much lower.
I mentioned this to Dr. Fig, and she sent me photos of prisoners in Chinese labor camps. But I like feeling all easy breezy & stuff. even if I am wrinkly.
I never knew the source of the urgent-important matrix, that bit of history is an added bonus.

I dreamt that Mrs. Hudson was the actual genius behind Sherlock Holmes and Watson's success. You can probably imagine this. She would bring the tea tray in, fuss with the set, keep Sherlock and Watson in the room so Sherlock could ask questions, she'd tip him off with a lift of her eyebrow or a coded teaspoon maneuver when the client dropped vital information. she'd plump the couch cushions, bake the best biscuits, make the coziest spaces for people to confess in. Or, she'd have Watson follow her to the kitchen, where she'd give him a full rundown of where to go, who to question and how, what evidence to gather, where to find it and, if it wasn't there, then exactly where it was, what conclusions to draw. 

Maybe I did need that extra nap, after all. 

8/14 '21 5 Comments
Mrs. Hudson was great. "Not your housekeeper!" The backstory about a seedy life in Miami that remained mostly a mystery.
Chris Herdt 8/15 '21
I LOVED THAT so much. I can't remember what the exact exchange was, something about how Sherlock helped her out when her husband was going to be executed for murder.
"oh, you prevented it?"
"no, I ensured it."
Y'all remember Remington Steele, yeah? I think your version would be better, with it's Murder She Wrote / Mrs Marple vibe. Especially if Mrs Hudson was super super sweet but the way she handled a knife in the kitchen you know she'd cut you if provoked. I'd watch it, hell yeah.
Sean M Puckett 8/14 '21
Maggie Smith, Matt Smith, and Dev Patel?
Sean M Puckett 8/14 '21

Did you know, apparently Matt Smith auditioned to play Watson? I can’t remember where I learned that.

Can't believe the audience doesn't give that guy a little more respect for hitting that note. 

Also, yes, I'm getting psyched for the Foo Fighters new album. 

6/18 '21 1 Comment
I feel like there was just *this* much awkwardness on his side that maybe it put the audience off. But, he really did do a beautiful job when he got to that note. I love this song.
Karen Kuhl 6/21 '21

I got a flu shot at CVS. It was easier than posting on Facebook. 
I went to, answered about 10 questions about symptoms (basically I clicked  "no COVID-19 symptoms" about 10 times), then I clicked on an appointment time and said, yeah, I'll show up. 
I went to CVS, waited, then I sat in a room with a nurse, she asked me if I had any questions, checked my ID and insurance, and gave me the shot. Done. 
Easy peasy.

If you haven't, and you can, get one. 

11/17 '20 4 Comments
I keep kicking myself because I haven't yet. It's on my list.
Do you need me to Shia Shout DO IT at you?
Dude! You're more at risk than the rest of us. Today.
Thomas Boutell 11/18 '20
Um. Now. Please.
Anne Mollo 11/18 '20

I've been smelling decaying leaves all morning, but now I just got this combined with a whiff of someone's hearty beef with vegetable soup. It's not my favorite soup, it's probably Campbell's Chunky, but damn if I am not here to tell you that this smell is bringing me joy today. 

10/2 '20 2 Comments
I...I got that reference!

After grabbing every album, EP, CD Single, and circulating bootleg through _Boys for Pele_, I missed a crapton of stuff, and literally dove in to check out her newer material this past weekend. She never skipped a beat. No pun intended.
Paul Lord 10/7 '20
YES! The meanderings of my brain are not completely irrelevant!

I'm a sucker for gloom. 

9/26 '20 5 Comments
You know something? I'm right there with you. I'm a big fan of misty/foggy days. Part of it is the fact that the big glowing orb in the sky isn't blinding me. Part of it is at their rare. Part of it is that they just seems so cool.
Matt Lichtenwalner 9/28 '20edited
I am so there for the gloom.

It's peaceful.

Right now, in fact, I'm working out on my porch. There's a light rain falling, the whole of the sky is a single tone of off-white and the cloud wall has completely obscured the New York coastline, birds are muted, the gutter is gurgling. It's magnificent.
Anne Mollo 9/28 '20
That sounds really wonderful.
Nice gloom!
Thomas Boutell 9/27 '20

I lit a candle and sat outside on the cool grass and poured a glass of Carmen Stevens Cabernet Shiraz blend into the dirt. Carmen Stevens is the first black winemaker in South Africa. I figured it was the most appropriate tribute on hand. 
We have so much work to do. 

9/18 '20 3 Comments
Tomorrow I sign up with Vote Save America and adopt a battleground state.
Anne Mollo 9/18 '20
Googled it and signed up for the mailing list. Thank you for the tip.
So sad. She was super inspirational.

Hi, everybody! 
I'm making a public post because I want people to be able to see how cool One Post Wonder is. Here are some things I can do with OPW. 
I can post a photo of my cat stealing my office chair. 

Isn't she a scamp? 

I can also post links to documents. I used to make a shortlink to a document in JSTOR.

Here's a YouTube video of Mongolian throat singing. 

I hope my friends who can see this will leave lots of comments and sub-comments to show how that works. 

This could be a good thing for people who need an alternative to all the bad platforms that are out on the Internet. I hope more people will benefit from this post and the One Post Wonder community. 

9/14 '20 15 Comments
Who's the Funko figurine?
Brian Rapp 9/15 '20
That one is General Leia, in her Last Jedi outfit. I’ve also got Captain Phasma, Maz Kanata, and Jack Harkness from Doctor Who. A guy at my old workplace was super scary right wing, really pushy, and thought he was the king of all science fiction knowledge, and also thought it was his job to go around asking women personal questions and pushing his opinions on them. So, my husband bought me these for my desk, so I had an easy conversation re-direct in case I needed one. If you put pop culture stuff on your desk, people assume that’s the sum total of your personality and they think they know what your deal is.

Plus, three wise women and a bisexual rogue are a good posse to have.
I'm trying to woo 11th Hour Audio over here, because they want to move their organization scheme away from Facebook. They mostly need to be able to post discussions with nested comments, I think, and share images to some extent. They can use Google Drive to share sound files.
I would love to see something like that happen!
the guy who runs it would too. He said, "is there a way for people to PM each other through OPW?" I said, "Nope. They would have to email each other, so their conversation is not your problem." he said, "I like the sound of that."
lol! That's a great point that I hadn't considered.
By and far my favorite form of social media. Thoughtful, interesting folks leaving considered responses. What a novel concept!
Did you not have any public posts before this one?!
I don’t know if I did. I was trying to woo Dr. Fig over here, but what she needs to needs to be done through office City University of NY channels. Shrug.
This is an example of a comment. You can also leave photos as comments.
That’s the Woodmere Art Museum, but Ted and I had exactly the same reaction when we first saw it.
Whoa. You never told me you knew the Addams Family. What IS that building??
Anne Mollo 9/15 '20
You can interact with people online and not contribute to the downfall of society? What a great site!
Chris Herdt 9/15 '20