The darkness. the gloom. the ennui. the brain clutter. I'm trying to rewrite the article about "grow your audience with surveys." I'm so bored I don't have a pulse rate.
I went into Ted's craft room. he was sitting in front of the computer, listening to Janet Jackson sing "Control." I wouldn't have thought he was a Janet Jackson fan, but hey. I shut the door. 
"Ted, I need you to do me a favor."

"I need you to shake me by the shoulders as hard as possible and scream into my face as loudly as you can." 
"are you sure?"

he shook me by the shoulders and screamed at the top of my lungs until his face was red.  I sliced a finger across my throat, and he stopped, giggling wildly. 

"thank you." 

I'm gonna listen to Jethro Tull's RökFlöte now. Maybe that'll help. 

11/20 '23 4 Comments
It’s an effective treatment, but it’s tough to do a double blind study.
Yes. Once you’ve heard the RökFlöte, it cannot be unheard.