People ruin everything.

totally  would have worn, ironically, a shirt that said, "Save the Planet Eat the Children". But some political fringe case / mental illness sufferer made it go mainstream before I could wear it with a proud smirk.

I guess I'm going to have to go with "Remember, Napalms Sticks To Kids".

If I got my news right, turns out she was a Lyndon LaRouche plant (of all things).

If someone thought a mere white lady saying "Eat the babies" was gonna derail a gal who grew up in NYC, they were dumb. Regardless how anyone feels about AOC--I think she (AOC) came off as pretty concerned and compassionate, but certainly not derailed.

I was amused by the whole thing. :-)

"Save the Planet: Eat the babies" is pretty awesome. 😂
"Save the Planet: Eat the babies" has already been done. It's called "A Modest Proposal", you've probably heard of it ... :)
Jonathan Swift. Of course his proposal was only limited to the Irish. This latest iteration doesn't seem to have that restriction.
Well, now we're all running out of potatoes ...
I'm not going to engage on the climate hysteria front. Mostly because I'm old enough to remember the predictions of massive famine by the 1990's, no summers in London by the 2000s and New York City underwater by 2019.

To her point, there is no resource ill that could not be resolved with less people on the planet. But western society has no comparative sins on that count. We might want to get China and India on board before we start the genocide plan.

Two dogs are better.

We picked Mila up in December and she's a goofball with a short attention span.  We love our very cute and talented Staffords.

Those look like some Very. Good. Dogs. :)
ARGH they are so CUTE. Good doggie dogs.
I love bull breed dogs. And these two are super cute. Bonus!
This is a lovely development.
Helllloooooooo derrrrrrgs!

I ate too many grape leaves. I'm having an intense grape leaf craving lately. [Cover your ears, boys.] I'm ovulating and I have no idea if that's involved. [Ears uncovered.] Yeah, I know this is written word.

I'm writing this as I lie sideways on the bed in the period of time where I'm supposed to be sleeping but am nowhere near sleepy-ville yet. It's a place I visit a lot, sans all medicines and potions at the moment. Too much was too much for too long. The cat has passed out in a fuzzy black and white impossible-shaped pretzel. Good for him, my little Boo.

In a happy accident, I see all my lady friends this week. I managed to get booked pretty solid and I just noticed it's my Greatest Hits of gal pals. Pretty nice. Tonight was a little too cool for it, but I sat on the deck with my friends Kathi and Lana. Tomorrow is bracelet making and wine (mostly wine) with Natalie and Cassie, and so on and so forth. I don't get this much in a month sometimes. Whee!

I went to the Celtic Fest on Saturday and it was my first time. I don't know how I missed this all these years, but I'm thoroughly hooked. Men in kilts everywhere. Awwwww yeahhhhh. My guy wore one, too, as he is Scottish and his sister finally got him into one. He went formal-style for the parade, with dress shirt and suit jacket, and dayam does that look work for him. Too hot to maintain though, it was a blistering 80-something degrees with him in wool head to toe, so he switched to the lesser known traditional "What's Under The Kilt?" t-shirt. (Answers below).

Sunday was Arts Fest, and coincidentally a collegiate marching band competition across the way at the local high school stadium. That was incredibly awesome to stumble upon. More so even than the Arts Fest (I dare say). Unfortunately the heat was hammering me so hard I couldn't stay long. A little visiting afterwards and then to bed for the usual battle of the blankets, aka the alligator wrestling contest.

(These grape leaves have sticking power. Whew.)

Okay, rolling onto my back again. The cat grumbles every time I move. I feel like I'm married.

Where was I. Oh, would you like to know What Is Under The Kilt? At least according to USA Kilts?

  1. Bagpipes
  2. The Earth
  3. My Celtic Pride
  4. The Loch Ness Monster
  5. Socks and Boots
  6. MacNuggets
  7. Freedom!

There you go. Curiosity satisfied? No? I took a peek. I saw #4.

music: America - "Horse With No Name"

mood: tired but not sleepy

I've had grape leaves as a container for other things "x,y, and z - wrapped in grape leaves" - but never the leaves by themselves. Is that a thing? Clueless folks want to know!

Glad you got some hang time in with the girls! I saw you posted on IG, but I couldn't like or comment because I was using my laptop at the time. *grumblebitchmoan* at IG's complete lack of anything like a support system.

Celtic Fest sounds awesome. My favorite response to "What's under the kilt?" was always "How warm are your hands?" One of the big sellers of Amerikilts / Utilikilts had a list up on their site back when I got mine for Burning Man. Of course, that was *mumble mumble* years ago.
When I say grape leaves, I mean the ones rolled around rice (with or without meat). I was confused at this the first I heard it, but that seems to be how it's said most places I've seen them.

Really sorry you're still fighting IG, especially because that's the only social media I like anymore, and I'd hate to see you locked out for the indefinite future. Speedy unblocking.

Celtic Fest is entirely awesome and I thought of you. You need to go with us next year. I like the utilikilts and there were just as many wearing those. If you have either, rock it! Be warned I will ask you what's under it because I am 13 years old. ;p
Karen 10/1edited
>"Speedy unblocking."

The fucked up (and frustrating) thing is that I'm not actually blocked (see my recent skeleton art post) but rather - I'm blocked ONLY when I'm trying to use a laptop. Both my phones work.

This means that I need to upload art from my iPad to Google Photos. Then download from Google Photos onto one of my phones and THEN I can upload it to IG.

What a pain in the REDACTED.

On the plus side, it's now officially Inktober, so I'm going to be posting a lot of ballpoint pen sketchwork which I can just directly photo / upload.
I meant on your laptop. I did read your post. :)
Karen 10/3

d is doing regimens out of the Nike app on their phone; there's an enormous variety of plans from beginner to athelete, with some equipment or none, routines targeting any or multiple muscle groups or activities, and specific moves with video demos of each one. It's an impressive system, which costs nothing, and isn't demanding of personal data beyond an email address.

It almost makes me want to buy a pair of shoes just to say thanks.

I'm composing my own workouts based on routines from the Nike repertoire and my own desires, as some of my limitations are harder to avoid (like, no lateral knee strain -- I guess this is what braces are for?).

We graduated to this from the limits of a professionally created set of three workouts d had made for themself last year; we'd extended the routine as far as we could and needed more challenge. 

Which we did because we moved into a building that had a dedicated gym space.

We'd done 7 minute workout routines, as well as 100 burpee challenges, in prior years when we had the house, but they didn't really stick for long.

Now I've got a watch that nags me when I sit for too long, and says ping when I do enough exercise or move actively, so there's a little gamification which I already feel taking effect.  I get 3 minutes of "workout" when I climb the 9 flights of stairs from the basement.  I also get credit for walking  briskly on errands. It also tells me about my heart rate, which is resting around 60, and confirms that I have the occasional premature ventricular contraction (PVC), which is harmless.

We walk almost everywhere in this city, and when we don't have time to walk or the weather is ass, there's the TTC. The motorcycles are just getting dusty and I don't think I can justify keeping them. 

Rambling, I guess.

ETA --

Tomorrow is Toronto's big Climate Strike/March. We'll be starting at Queen's Park (provincial capital) and I am expecting it will be truly frigging epic in size. I dyed my hair and beard last night. A dark red with tints of blue. Not my eyebrows though. Christ no, I like my vision.

In shittier news -- Saturday the fash have promised to march up Church street right through the Village, which is not going to go well. Every queer organization has called up people to non-violently march in opposition and it will probably be at least 10-1 if not much higher. I'd be surprised if there wasn't just a human wall on Church street somewhere keeping them from getting farther than Alexander St.  Anyway, I'll be joining that party, too, though probably just wearing earplugs and holding a sign. We have plenty of black-bloc trained people who will engage to keep vulnerable folks safe if needed. 

I'm intrigued by the Nike app. I'm also intrigued by your beard. What did you use? What color was your beard when you started?

After 38 years, one of our teachers at The Schoolhouse is retiring, so we're looking to hire! Job posting is here:

And for a window into the culture of the school, check out this episode of Stuck in Vermont that features this particular teacher and our annual Kwanzaa celebration:


One does not simply listen to music.  Sure, you can listen to a whole album at a time, old-school, or just throw everything into the shuffle blender, but the vicissitudes of statistics lead to things getting neglected.  In addition, one wants to listen to new stuff, and listen to it more often in order to become familiar with it. How to balance listening to neglected stuff with the need to listen to new stuff more often?

After various attempts that were eventually unsatisfying, i developed a Fibonacci-based approach; songs are added to a list according to how many times they've been played, and each list has a backoff value where a song isn't allowed to show up until it has been Fn days since it was last played. These lists are aggregated into a master list. Another list is created for songs above a minimum number of plays that have not been played for a number of days that is larger than the largest value from the previous lists. The value varies in an attempt to balance the amount of tracks in the latter list with those of the former aggregated list.

As it stands now, I have lists for tracks played up to 11 times, aggregated in the ‘lessthan12’ playlist, which itself is bound to the ’Not Recently Played’ playlist in ‘listen’. I recently ran through the entire playlist, so I am back to playing my entire catalog on shuffle, in order to allow the lists to repopulate.

MY BRANE HURTS this is a beautiful concept.