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It was very, very, very, very easy to create a new account on dreamwidth.org and to import all of my LJ entries, comments, userpics, tags, bio, friends, custom friend groups, and everything else.  I mean like stupid-easy.  Like 4 clicks easy.

Go here to learn how easy it is to import your LJ and all its goodies (or all the goodies you choose) to Dreamwidth: ​​​​​​​http://www.dreamwidth.org/support/faqbrowse?faqid=127

Right now I'm running a job on LiveJournal that takes all of my entries and makes them private, except for one public entry that points everyone to dreamwidth.  It'll be a while before all my entries turn private though... (I figure LJ is getting a lot of traffic), but as soon as that's done, I'll purge it.

It's the end of an era.  Looking forward to seeing you guys over on dreamwidth.  If you go there, shoot me a friend request.

1,000,000 thanks to Thomas Boutell for the under-ass-fire-lighting.

4/4 '17 9 Comments
Lj doesn't turn custom friends group entries private. So if you have custom groups, be careful. DW imports custom privacy, though, so I think it will save the security.
Ah, thank you. I'll take a gander!

Also, do you know who "purlewe" is on Dreamwidth? They friended me on DW, which is awesome, but I don't know who they are and their profile doesn't give their name or enough hints. They're friends with you and Ella and they're from Philly, but I don't recognize the name so I'm not sure if I should friend them back or not. Gracias!
Ann-Jeanette, she works in a library, she's married to a woman named Sue, she knits and she's pretty cool.
Hi again!
So it looks as though all of my custom-friend-group posts were all successfully made private through LJ's script, so I think I'm OK. (Unless it just shows it's private but really isn't.)

I'm assuming you'll be xtingu there too?

Also - good call turning all entries private before the purge. I'll be doing that as well.

Also also - have you tested your IFTTT scripts on Dreamwidth? Curious if it's as easy as switching A to B.
Matt Lichtenwalner 4/4 '17edited
IFTTT scripts were all easily tweakable. They all relied on LJ's "post via email" capability, and DW's "post by email" funtionality works the same exact way. So I just updated my IFTTT with my Dreamwidth info, and boom.

W00t! Nice. :)
doing that now. I have over 10,000 entries. Whoot.
Rabbit 4/4 '17
See you over there!

I vomited words late last night (well, early this morning), and I don't feel like copying/pasting them here since it's a pain to do that with my phone because there's formatting involved.

It's a public LJ post, no login required. Feel free to comment on it anonymously... or you can even login with your Facebook or Twitter or Google credentials if you want to be notified of replies to your comments. 

Or you can ignore it... it is a bit of a shitshow. 

I'm not saying it's GOOD or even useful by the way. I just puked scream-of-conciousness style all over my phone's thumb-keyboard (yay Blackberry Priv!) and it made me feel better.


I maybe go to FB once every 3 days or so, and when I do, it's while I'm relieving myself for 5 minutes at the most. (Sorry for that visual.) But I've promised myself not to go to FB for a full week. I want to give the gloaters a chance to gloat, for people to get whatever they need out of their systems, and to give the dust a chance to settle a bit.

The upshot is: I will use my white privilege to stand by and protect people with more melanin that I have. I will use my cis/straightish privilege to defend LGBTQA people. 

And I will hope that before Obamacare gets yanked that they have some other healthcare option in place for people like me without an employer healthcare option. 

11/9 '16 2 Comments
I feel exactly the way you described.

Called out sick today and spent most of the day having anxiety attacks and nightmares. Got up at 6, showered & dressed and cleaned like I was having people over. I want to make a safe space.

Get some rest. I'm scared too, but we can't let it paralyze us.
Yay for those of us who clean as therapy! Solidarity, sista.
Karen Kuhl 11/12 '16