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In which our heroine is still up at 5:51am (good morning, Jenn!) reading (and now posting) an artcle from Wired about what it thinks I am doing right this second: Revenge Bedtime Procrastination.

Here's the article if you'd like to read about it. 

(For the record, I agree with maybe 75-80% of the article... or, rather, 75-80% applies to me.  But the 25%, not so much.)

Yep! Yep yep yep! Hallo! That’s me and my mom and Vince! I’ve had to work so hard to convince myself that sleep is something good that I do for myself.
That article is paywalled for me, so I googled the phrase and found a LOT A LOT. I think this would resonate for Shelle too.

Medical News Today describes this as a "relatively new phenomenon," but I call bullshit. Or, I'd ask what they mean by "new." My mom used to stay up all night reading when we were little.

You might find this interesting: https://www.bbc.com/news/magazine-16964783
Good article - thanks for sharing!

>"lack of self-regulation—associated with personality traits such as being impulsive or easily distracted"
For me? That's the 80/20 right there.

Interestingly, I think that I do the 'revenge procrastination' more in the _mornings_ these days. I don't know how/when it happened, but I wake up at a reasonable hour (say 8 or 9) and find myself not leaving my apartment until *cough* 11 *cough*. If I focus, I can get ready and out the door in like 15 minutes. 30 with a relaxed shower.

But "I'm just going to check IG real quick..."

This article by Lili Loofbourau on Slate sums up my feelings of sadness, helplessness, futility, and we're-fucked-ism. 

Enjoy!  Yay!  This is fun!

7/1 '18 2 Comments
those videos are glorious!!!
Jenn A 7/1 '18
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