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HOLY CRAP.  We just watched Annette (with music by Sparks (!!!)) and OMG OMG OMG OMG you've gotta see it. Adam Driver. Holy crapballs. It's not a particularly happy feel-good movie, but Adam Driver acts the everloving craaaap out of it, and I love the artifice vs. real vs. theater vs. actors vs. yadda yadda yadda.  

And did I mention Sparks? Because SPARKS! (Sorry. Love me some Mael Bros.)

Hey Lindsay Harris Friel ​​​​​​, if you haven't seen it yet, I will pay you (especially) to see it. 

It's available on Amazon Prime Video. I will gladly give anyone my login if you need it.

ProTip: Watch it with captions; they really helped... not because people had diction problems (quite the contrary), but because I am almost 51 and I'm at that age where I like them.

The reviews are pretty much in agreement; you'll either love it or hate it. I am firmly in the "love" camp, but even if you hate it, I'd still love to hear your thoughts. 

(In other news, I have 18 drafts in my OPW drafts folder. One of these days maybe I'll finish and post one.)

Love youse crazy kids.

Months later: that movie still sticks to me.
I love that you have 18 onepo drafts.
Related to absolutely nothing in this post, thank you AGAIN for your birb feeder recommendations! I got BOTH of them for my daughter Nina’s birthday and she and her boyfriend Lynden put them up right away. They love them and think they’re the best!!

Not too many birbs yet except for a pair of mourning doves. Hilariously, the doves like to just hang out in the seed trays and take naps. The kids have named them Petunia and Carl.
Hi. I love you.

We (me, Matt, Kevin Niemi, and Joe Trainor) went to go see Yes (well, one of the two groups currently touring as Yes... the better one, in my opinion), and HOLY CRAP were they absolutely amazing. It was a five-piece band, and it featured an absolutely flawless (FLAWLESS!!) Jon Anderson on soaring, original-key, perfectly smooth and dead-accurate how-the-hell-is-he-73-years-old vocals, percussion, "acoustic guitar" (though his fingering rarely changed and we don't think it was actually plugged into anything) and celtic harp; Trevor Rabin on freakin' fantastic guitar, and the sparkly-caped Rick ZOMG Clearly No Arthritis Wakeman on keys and keytar. Since they had Trevor Rabin, the show had a bunch of songs off of 90125 and even "Rhythm of Love" off of Big Generator (and we all agreed that was the most we ever liked that song). The show was in Verizon Hall at the Kimmel Center, and it was so damn civilized! The crowd (with the exception of the one guy yelling "YES!!!") was super-enthusiastic but so respectful-- people didn't "woo" during quiet parts, and they clapped for good solos... and the Kimmel Center staff made you wait until between songs to re-enter the theater if you left to pee. (Of course, at a Yes show that could be 20 mins...) It was AMAZING and we are all still buzzing about it.

Little did we know a few hours later some fuckstick would be shooting a zillion people at a concert in Vegas. I can't wrap my head around it; I really can't.  I try, and I fail. I just can't make sense of this year. Whenever I see the phrase "President Trump" written, it seems like an '80s Bloom County joke where Opus, Steve Dallas and Milo are making fun of the 21st Century. 

Speaking of the 21st Century, we went to go see Blade Runner (the 1982 version obviously, but the Directors Cut, without the voiceover); Matt had never seen it before, and it'd been just under a decade since I'd seen it (though I was so tired during that screening that I slept through most of it). I really enjoyed it this time around. It was playing at Theatre N, which is a cute little auditorium in the Nemours building in downtown Wilmington. ​We ran into a zillion people there who seemed genuinely happy to bump into us, and it felt nice to feel liked. (Whatcha think? Is Deckert a Replicant or not?  Discuss.)

Get off my lawn

​​​​​​In other news entirely, I've decided there are some 21st Century things I just don't give a shit about, and I don't really want to learn about them or invite them into my life. The list (which is sure to expand) currently includes:

Any smart-home technology. My fridge does not need a fucking IP address. Neither do my lightswitches, lightbulbs, garage door openers, thermostat, etc. If I wanna turn a light on, I'll friggin' turn on the switch, thanks.  I trust GE to make a lightbulb; I don't trust them to have the expertise to lock down their products with the kind of internet security anything with an IP address needs today. And cars sure-as-fuck don't need wifi.  (Read the short article, and then scroll down for the related video from 2013 of a Jeep getting hacked while driving down the highway.)

Any voice-activated assistant, be it Alexa, Google Assistant, Siri, etc. Screw you, you can't listen in. If I need to order more Luna bars, I'll fucking click three things on my phone. 

Facebook Messenger. Fuck you, I will never, ever install it. Ever. You already know how I feel about Facebook. I am not gonna get swept up in its bullshit, whether it's positive or negative bullshit. It's a timesuck, and I already suck at time. Besides, I'm pissed off enough about Trump and life's injustices without Facebook. (And for the love of god, please stop thinking/worrying I'm judging anyone who is on (or even loves) Facebook. I am not judging. I'm happy you've found something you dig. You do you, I'll do me. Done.)

Spotify. Fuck you, I don't give a shit. If I wanna listen to music, I'll fucking turn on my iPod, or Sirius, or WXPN. I haven't used Spotify and I don't care to try it. It bones musicians so badly that I can't possibly contribute to it. And even if it treated musicians fairly, I still wouldn't be interested because I'm lazy and don't like new things, SO THERE. 

That new-fangled Windows XP. (I kid, I kid.)

​​​​In still other news...

Matt and I have gift certificates to sensory-deprivation float-pods in West Chester. This will either be the best most awesome thing or the absolute worst possible thing for someone with crippling anxiety, but either way we're eager to give it a whirl. We'll letcha know how it goes. 

And in yet still other news...

Work is FINALLY starting to pick up. Hey, it's only October, right?  I'll be at UPenn every Friday morning between now and October 2018, and the occasional Wednesday, too. Yay. Money. This Friday I'll be there all day. If you work near Penn, maybe we could get lunch every once in awhile? 

OK, that's enough outta me. 

10/5 '17 4 Comments

don't forget to bring Uncle Sidney with you!
CM Adams 10/5 '17
I admit I don't get this, but I secretly hope it's code for brisket, which is code for... well, you know.
Yes. Same thing as brisket.
CM Adams 10/9 '17
Deckert is a replicant. I wasn't even aware this was up for debate until my brother mentioned it. It's especially obvious in the director's cut as I recall...
Anne Mollo 10/5 '17