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This is costing me ridiculous amounts of money to post.

Our Verizon FiOS box (the ONT box, not the BBU) died unceremoniously last Wednesday... it is not getting power unless the battery is providing it... however, batteries can only provide power for like 11 hours until they drain. They are not rechargeable. (The power outlet is fine, for you troubleshooting at home.)

This means we have no home phone and we have no wifi, and my main desktop computer has no internet access since it has a hardwired network connection.

This means that in order to get on the internet, we must use our cell phone minutes (which are looooong depleted now).  So using the internet (as I am doing right now) is costing me cell phone overages. I can't imagine VZW waiving these overage charges because Verizon's Residential Service wasn't working. I can't imagine they talk to each other.

The problem is that we had a freak hail storm affect our neighborhood and Arden (across the street) about 3 years ago, and the hail storm knocked out the Verizon cell equipment there... so if you live in our neighborhoods you have baaaaaarely one teeeeny micro-bar of Verizon cell signal here.  It's enough signal to get text messages, but it's not not enough signal to have a pleasant cellphone conversation (hence why I still pay for a landline).  Connecting to the internet via cell is just okaaaaay. 

Anyway, the Verizon tech was supposed to be out here on Saturday between 11 and 3, and never showed. I opened another ticket so we're trying again for tomorrow. Fucker better show. 

Guaranteed I'm gonna need a new ONT (optical network terminal) because I suspect they've been wanting to upgrade it for a while (to charge me for faster service that I do not need). I'm gonna be pissed when it costs $350 to fix what is essentially obsolescence. 

I know I sound like the crazy old idiot who doesn't wanna upgrade from Windows XP, so I will go along with their upgrade. But MAN I don't wanna have to pay for it. But I use the WinXP analogy, I know it's my responsibility.  But I still get to be annoyed about it.

Guy better show up.

6/21 '17 11 Comments
I, just tonight, spent time having a chit chat with a VZW rep. Problem with our 'family plan'.

His response? "Well, for just a few dollars more per month, you can upgrade to..."

I stopped him. I pointed out that (as he well knew) we have been in a /bunch/ of times with issues. And EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. The answer is "For just a few dollars more a month, you can upgrade to..."

And this time? It's an upgrade to 'Unlimited'! (Please don't get me started on the evils of VZW's unlimited plan and net neutrality and.... yeah.)

I say all this to say: 1. I _HATE_ that Verizon makes such an art form out of making you pay more only so you can pay more. Who do they think they are? Apple? 2. The kid couldn't give me any more info than I had already deduced on my own. If they can't talk to THEMSELVES, they sure as hell aren't talking to the land line folks. (Which seems pretty pathetic to me.)

The one plus of the evening? I never said "I used to be an IT Guy." and they called me one. Apparently I can still talk the talk at least...
Matt Lichtenwalner 6/21 '17edited
Just call Comcast! Ha ha ha wheeze
Thomas Boutell 6/21 '17
We have T-Mobile, which is great for us, but I hear that when you're traveling there are more cell-less patches with T-Mobile than with Verizon. I have to say, though, that T-Mo has great customer service, they never make me see red like Verizon did.

But Comcast ... never again. "Squirrel got in the junction box" was a regular occurrence when I had their "service" in DE.
I had heard about the coverage holes too. That's why I stayed with VZW this long (hello, I don't know where I will be day to day...).

BUT! I'm thinking about Google Fi which pretty much means I would have coverage from ALL THE PROVIDERS IN ALL THE PLACES.

(That may be a slight exaggeration, but you get my point. Also? Sexy phones.)
I don't think Google has made it out here yet. I heard about it in Atlanta but not the east coast.
I'm assuming you're thinking of the Google Fiber thing. Google Fi is something different. Kevin Niemi has it and loves it.
Matt Lichtenwalner 6/21 '17edited
Oh, ok. That does look cool for people who don't drop their phones as much as I do. My plan has insurance and I love it.
LOL! That totally makes sense.

*knocks on wood*

I haven't dropped my phone, and I've had it for... a very long time.

*knocks on wood*

And I'm not paranoid about it at all!

*knocks on wood*
Things that sound dirty but aren't: "Squirrel got in the junction box." AWWWW YEEAAAAH!
Where did I bury mah nutz!
Thomas Boutell 6/22 '17
Gah! What en epic nuisance! Also? Why didn't they ever fix the cellular issue after the hail storm? Oy. I do hope they show up this time, and don't charge you an arm and a leg.
Leela 6/22 '17