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I've been devouring all of the reports about Southwest 1380 (the plane that lost an engine and had a hole in the fuselage that made an emergency landing in Philly).  As an air travel enthusiast and Southwest fan, I am so impressed with how this terrifying scenario was handled.

I just listened to the control tower chatter, and wow... this is what everyone's training is for.  (Listen here, if you're interested: https://youtu.be/fASCzgKS0Qg)

That pilot was so calm, professional, and perfect. That first ATC guy (the one you could hear clearly during the first few minutes) was also absolutely fantastic. He's *exactly* the guy I'd want on the other end of the comm channel during an emergency. Great job, everyone. Really. 

I am devastated to hear about the one woman's passing, and one is too much, of course; but it's so true that this could have been so much worse.

I wish I knew the name of the ATC guy... I would send him something. For realzies.

4/19 '18 2 Comments
I wonder if you could send a fruit basket or a card or something to the tower staff in general, congratulating them on their professionalism etc.
I'm not entirely sure if the guy with the kind voice is PHL's ATC guy, or is he with some interim control tower. Because once the plane was approaching the runway, they switched radio channels and some crappy guy took over. I don't want him to get the fruit basket. Only good guys get gifts. :)
Jill "xtingu" Knapp 4/19 '18edited

HOLY  CRAP, the Southwest Air Eclipse Flight was awesome awesome awesome. Just so much fun! 

After we deplaned, a news crew from Channel 11 Alive Atlanta was interviewing people about their experience, and since I'm a whore, I jumped in front of the camera. Apparently I'm gonna be on the Atlanta news. Woot!

So if you watch this video, that's me at 1:36 in my ITMFA shirt kvelling. :-) 

The Channel 11 folks also asked us to write up our experience and email it to them with photos, so here's what I sent.


Hi, Julie and crew!

I'm the Jill Knapp that Matt mentioned in his first email. I believe someone from your station grabbed a quick interview with me when we landed in Atlanta. (I have the spiky platinum-blonde hair with the blue streak and the big smile.)

We've attached some photos for you. 

We are an acoustic dork-rock duo from Wilmington, Delaware called "Hot Breakfast!", and we fly Southwest exclusively because of our earned Companion Pass status on the airline. (Companion Pass status allows us to perform all around the country in a buy-one-get-one-free arrangement, reserved for their most frequent flyers.)  

When we heard this flight was happening, we jumped on it specifically to see the eclipse from above the clouds!

Boarding the flight was super-fun-- the plane was decorated with a disco ball and colorful streamers, and the flight attendants were all dressed up with glittery wigs, glow glasses, alien antennae ("deely-boppers" for those of us '80s kids), and the pilot was able to bank the plane several times to let both sides of the plane get great views. Matt and I sat in the "LUV Seat," which is the exit row with only two seats in the row, so we had room to crouch down low by the window to see the eclipse, and we encouraged other passengers to jump in our row to get the great view, too! 

The vibe on the plane was so friendly, fun, enthusiastic. The Southwest flight attendants are always top-notch, but they went above and beyond today with custom eclipse-themed cocktails, eclipse and space trivia games, and glow-bracelets for everyone, and plenty of jokes and smiles. 

Sometimes the news will make you think that everyone is angry and there's no happiness in the world (and especially in our country). But this flight made me remember that people are almost all wonderful, curious, and fun. I admit, I needed this. :-)

This flight was absolutely everything we hoped it would be and more. 

Thanks for letting us report in!

Our very best,

Jill and Matt

8/21 '17 12 Comments

Were you laid over in ATL, or are you here-here?
Rabbit 8/22 '17
Just a layover for about 90 minutes, and during that time we had to get our bags from baggage claim and re-check in, due to some creative flight scheduling on my part. But we made our next flight with about 10 minutes to spare! Wooot!
Whatever they offer you ... don't feed the plants!
That soundtrack has been in my brain for a week now... and I am not complaining even a little. (It's mah favorite show EVAR.)
Of course it has, because it starts with a TOTAL ECLIPSE OF THE SUN! I need you and Matt C in my life to grok my Little Shop jokes ... and Jerm, but he is not on OPW.
My little Audrey II insisted on nursing for most of it.
Rabbit 8/23 '17
Feed me, Mama, feed me all night long. That's right!
May I touch the hem of your garment?
Thomas Boutell 8/22 '17
Mais oui!
Just watched the video - you look SO geeked out happy! Eeeee!
that's so awesome!!!! so how did you even hear about this flight -- did the airline send out a blasto to their elite passengers or something? :)
Jenn A 8/24 '17
excellent! so jealous...
Kate Haney 8/25 '17

Who's got two thumbs and just booked a flight on Southwest Airlines specifically to watch the eclipse from the air?


Nice! Where are you headed for viewing?

M, K, W, and myself will be viewing in Oregon. :)
I'm heading to the window seat on the plane!
Like, the only reason I'm flying is to be in the air during the eclipse... so I'll only be seeing it from the air.
OMG amazing!!!!!
Jenn A 8/5 '17
I knowwwww! I'm super-stoked!
I'm so curious to know how this goes!
me, too!
Hope you get a window seat
Ursula Sadiq 8/5 '17
I'm super-lucky... I have the super-duper priority on Southwest because I fly them a ridiculous amount, so I'm almost always one of the first to board. I loooooooove me some Southwest!
Niiiiice I am a little jelly

I have already made a google calendar appointment one year before the next one to book a train ticket to a little town in Vermont that will be dead center of totality.
Ooooooh! When is that? (Yes, I could JFGI...)
April 8th 2024. Chris has already expressed interest in tagging along...
Me three. errr.. four?
Me,errr, 5?
Ursula Sadiq 8/6 '17
April 8th is also John "Bo Duke" Schneider's birthday, so it'll be *especially magical.* We can have a "It's Now or Never" singalong! (uh... or not.)
Y'all are quite welcome to check in with me in 2023 about trip planning (:
Looking forward to the report!
Anne Mollo 8/5 '17