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It's 1:39am on September 22 East Coast time. Forgive my unmade face, undone hair, and overexcited NJ accent... but I just invented what's basically a 3-D salty/sweet cronchy version of Fun Dip. This is what inventors look like.

I am not proud of this. I am SO proud of this. It is gross and delicious and I am also not proud. But proud. But not proud. Yep.

I was originally gonna lock with post so only my OPW people could see this, which is why I didn't care that I recorded this video au naturale, sans makeup et sans le coiff, et plus de drooooop. But I also don't give a shit. This is whatcha look like at 47 and eating marshmallow fluff snax. 



9/22 '18 44 Comments
You are so cute. My favorite part is the sounds when eating off the spoon. Perfection. Props to the cameraman, as well!
Karen Kuhl 9/22 '18
Thanky! I haven't been this excited in a while. :)
The best part: you don't have to get greasy hands from touching the popcorn!
Sean M Puckett 9/22 '18
Exactly! I hate greasy/sticky hands. This definitely addresses that. Plus sweet/salty! Crunchy/squishy! It's a treat of treats!
Jebus, I adore you. This is not news, merely a reminder.
Matt Lichtenwalner 9/22 '18edited
Nnndaaaaaw. :)
I can't stop watching this.

Oh! and I'm totally with you about the popcorn snobbery! This is what I pop corn in:
Anne Mollo 9/22 '18
Oh my lordy! Look how amazing that is! Look at the box! I wanna display that box! I bet that makes deeeeeelicious popcorn. I am drooling!
Srsly, popcorn on the stove or GFTO. It's what's for lunch on Saturdays.

Though if you use corn oil instead of canola (we use canola because CANADA, FUCK YEAH), then isn't that like seething popcorn in its mother's milk?
Michele Grant 9/22 '18
Microwave popcorn is an abomination.

I use peanut oil because it's what was on the shelf in the pantry. I would use whatever we had because I'm not picky enough to have a preference. As long as I'm not cooking it in olive oil, I'll consider it a win.

There's an indie movie theater in Wilmington that makes their popcorn with coconut oil and it is SO GOOD. It has this barely-perceptible hint of beach that I really liked. I would try that, but I don't seem to be one of those people who buy jars and jars of coconut oil and use it for everything.
I avoid peanuts, peanut butter, peanut oil, etc., when I can because I developed a weird sensitivity to peanuts after Elliot was born. (I'd eat a PB&J sandwich and get an itch along my ribcage an hour later. A friend said, "Oh, that's what my kiddo does when he has wheat, and it turns out he's got a wheat allergy." -lightbulb-) I think it's backed off, but allergies are weird and can go from zero to anaphylactic shock without warning, so I don't like to tempt fate. I miss peanuts, though!
Michele Grant 9/23 '18
Do you do other nuts/nut butters? Would almond butter satisfy the urge without causing a reaction? I don't blame you for avoiding it all out of caution.

Matt would be heartbroken to say goodbye to peanuts, but I don't think I'd mind either way. I'm kinda meh.
I apologize, but I just _cannot_ read that first sentence without snickering. I'm 12.
I'm kind of "meh" about other nut butters, and they tend to be spendy, anyway. I do usually keep almonds on hand, though, for nibbles, and they don't seem to cause a problem. (Peanuts aren't actually nuts, botanically, so a peanut issue shouldn't sort of automatically mean there's a tree nut issue as well.)
Michele Grant 9/24 '18
I tend to use mostly canola with a dollop of coconut oil. Even the refined stuff that doesn't taste coconutty gives the popped corn a nicer.... niceness.
Anne Mollo 9/23 '18
I'm gonna try that. Nom!
I also giggled over "CANADA, FUCK YEAH."
I fucking love this video.
I made it hoping you would like it. :)
Can we also talk about popcorn and Junior Mints? Because if that's not a thing for you, maybe it should be. Ticks many of the same boxes as popcorn fluff pops, but ADDS chocolate AND peppermint. See? See?
Sean M Puckett 9/22 '18
Pop Dip? I'm a kettle corn aficionado, so I get the sweet/salty appeal. Now can we talk about the Cracker Jack/Fiddle Faddle/Crunch n' Munch desperate lack of peanut equity?
Ray Conrad 9/23 '18
I love Cracker Jack and will always prefer that not-too-thick-with-sugar style. I also love the molasses-tastic peanuts at the bottom of the box/bag.

Crunch and Munch, and to a slightly lesser extent Fiddle Faddle, while both tasty, are a bit too crunchy and sugary for my sad teefs.

I like that Cracker Jack still tastes like popcorn. Mmmmmm...
OM NOM NOM!!!! it's kinda like a rice krispy treat, but with popcorn instead of puffed rice! i would go for that so hard...
Jenn A 9/23 '18
Dooood, it's really reeeeeeeally good.
So, I was wondering what, exactly, is IN Fluff. In the process of finding out I stumbled upon this, because Internet.

"Marshmallow creme is also a traditional confection in Arabic cuisine, where it is commonly referred to as soapwort meringue (natef).[8] The original recipe is based on soapwort (roots of Saponaria officinalis)[9] or roots of the marshmallow plant, but modern commercial varieties are nearly identical to marshmallow creme. It was mentioned in a tenth-century Arabic cookbook, Kitab al-Ṭabīḫ (the book of dishes) by Ibn Sayyar al-Warraq."

Your snack has LEGS. Think about it! The melding of ancient Arabic and Indigenous Peoples of the Americas culture!
Anne Mollo 9/24 '18
Agreed. Of course, now I'm also picturing a marshmallow tree (I know it's a plant, but go with me on this) which is exactly as you're picturing it. Like we could pluck marshmallows as if it was an apple tree.
Marshmallow treat, marshmallow tree. So close.
Anne Mollo 9/24 '18
OK, that's pretty great!
I love this! I sat for a very long time trying to think up a new Siverstein-esque text to go with this awesome picture... and failed. "So the little boy took the marshmallows and sold them to the Keebler Elves so they could make Krispie treats. And the tree was sticky." Yeah no.
Anne Mollo 9/25 '18
Awww! Yeah. There's a reason why Shel Silverstein was so awesome. :)
<<The melding of ancient Arabic and Indigenous Peoples of the Americas culture!>>

That's um, totally what I was thinking when I invented the snack! Yeah! Yeah!

(Nope. I just like cramming food in my face.)
Can we name it Popshmallow Pop?
Marsh Corn.
Anne Mollo 9/24 '18
I love how many disparate and delightful conversations this has spawned. Well done, chica.
Totally planned that. Yep. Allllll myyyyyy doingggg. :)
I love watching you get excited about the little things.
Yes. This. A lot.
Dude. If you ate this, you would see it's actually a huuuuuge thing! Small thing, huge flavah. It's so damn good. OH GOD I'm gonna go make some right now.
Sounds like you just came up with the marketing slogan.