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Portrait and fine-art photographer. Radical programmer. Culture activist. Passionate & opinionated, yet kindly. Mind the froth.

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These are all very small and mostly just process and materials tests. 

Spadina streetcar. 

Untitled blue black. 

Iron teapot. 

12/29 '19 9 Comments
Is the second print your super-spiffy partner? I love the pose!

At a very quick first glance I thought the bottom one was a turtle.

When you say "very small," how small we talkin'? Because that's a good amount of detail you've got there. These are so cool!
That be me. I enjoy life modelling but it doesn't pay the mortgage.
Dawn Keenan 12/30 '19
Ha! I thought the teapot was a turtle at first, too!
Anne Mollo 12/30 '19
2x4, 2x2 and 3x3 ish.
Sean M Puckett 12/30 '19
Holy moley! That is a lotttttta detail in such a small space. Wow wow wow!
Holy moley! That is a lotttttta detail in such a small space. Wow wow wow!
Dig them all.
Thomas Boutell 12/30 '19
Sean M Puckett 12/30 '19

Spike in sunbeam. 

12/20 '19 3 Comments
10/10 would offer fingertip to sniff and see if Spike wants head scratches.
Spike is an enormous suck and would trill and burble and purr and squeak and wriggle and thrust his head on your hand and you’d be trapped, trapped, petting him forever.
Sean M Puckett 12/21 '19
I can think of worse ways to go.
Karen Kuhl 12/29 '19

Mostly intended as an experiment.  8x8.


12/16 '19 6 Comments
Oh wow. I like the light spilling across the images as much as the art itself! Which is to say, a lot.
Anne Mollo 12/16 '19
Same! This is really nice work Sean.
Sean M Puckett 12/17 '19
It feels so starry.
Oooo yes! Very Starman. Next thing you know, he'll be asking us to drive him to Arizona.
Anne Mollo 12/16 '19edited
The only thing I remember about Starman is it stars Jeff Bridges (probably?) and there's a line about learning how to drive that goes something like "Red means stop, green means go, yellow means go very fast."
Sean M Puckett 12/17 '19

About 9x6. 

12/12 '19 3 Comments
Looking good!
Block prints are one of my favorite art forms because while they’re a flat print, they’re also of course sculptural. My flavor of neuro-diversity gives me actual physical feels when I see sculpture. I love flat/painted art, too, but it doesn’t have quite the same visceral impact. But block prints are somehow a bridge for me, a two-for-one. Thanks for posting your work! I enjoy it so much!!
Anne Mollo 12/13 '19edited
I really appreciate this comment. I feel the same way about tangible prints, where you can see the medium on the paper, and each one's different. I've certainly done a lot of digital printing and they can look really good but there's always something dead about them and any other smooth rendition, that never really scratches that "real art" itch.
Sean M Puckett 12/13 '19

The new laundry machines installed yesterday. The cycle-finished chime is very German. 

12/4 '19 7 Comments
I love that little all-purpose laundry / pantry nook thingy! What a neat way to make use of a funkily-angled wall. Bonus points for kitteh!

What does a German chime sound like?

Matt (mah beau) had a brandy-new Zojirushi washing machine in his old apartment, and it would play a little song when the wash cycle finished. The first time we heard it, we were like, "Oh, this is kinda cute..." it had this hummable little sing-songy tune. And then we realized it had a B section and a bridge. That thing was *composed.* :)
The washer says "Beeeeee-BEEP" as in ACHTUNG! There's a button to turn it off if you don't need to know the cycle is done, though.

Our Zojirushi rice maker sings twinkle-twinkle!
Sean M Puckett 12/5 '19edited
I too was curious about the German chime, but now I'm ALSO curious about a composed "You're wash is done." tune.
Brian Rapp 12/5 '19
That bright light up top makes me think this is the mother ship and the cat explorer is reporting for duty.
Our Py-Py is also known as Py-Py, Cat Scientist. He seems like a space cadet, and then he'll spend 20 minutes working VERY HARD to science out the front door. We could smell the smoke coming out of his wittle ears. He knew the knob was important but never quite got it.
Thomas Boutell 12/7 '19

Block print. Stars are glittery but that don't photograph well. 

bonus Spike!

12/3 '19 11 Comments
Excellent work! Don't forget to recharge Spike.
Brian Rapp 12/4 '19
With the dry air, petting him is a shocking affair; no cables required.
Sean M Puckett 12/4 '19
Thomas Boutell 12/4 '19
Sean M Puckett 12/4 '19
So kind.
Sean M Puckett 12/4 '19
What material are you carving out?
Anne Mollo 12/4 '19
This is high density craft foam glued to Masonite panels for sturdiness.
Sean M Puckett 12/4 '19
Nice! Your block prints are so wonderfully expressive, very moving. Something about the choices you make when cutting.

I'd love to see a picture of the block and the print side by side.
Anne Mollo 12/4 '19
Sean M Puckett 12/5 '19
So, so, so cool!

Printed tote bag. 

The design I wrote with a calligraphy brush then turned it into a printing block.  The ink is regular artist acrylic white, ultramarine and primary magenta with some thinned retarder to make it more fabric compatible. Mixed into a gradient on a glass palette with a wide brayer. 

11/21 '19 1 Comment
Good job!