I'm still making the plotter art.  I post it elsewhere and haven't the energy to echo it here (and those of you who see it elsewhere shouldn't have to put up with that).

Also, I told Instagram to go shit on a post and slip, partly because it's incredibly artist-hostile by design, but mostly because it's part of Facebook, which is a major player in the white-supremacist internet complex.

If you'd like to get regular doses of my art, you can follow me on Twitter at @PhotoPuck, except there you also have to deal with my political rants and random garbar, or on Tumblr at plotterprints.tumblr.com, or on Mastodon at @smerp@mastodon.art. I probably should mention the online store also at plotterprints.square.site.

I'm at least a hundred prints behind on posting. I usually make like 6-10 a day but only post 2. I'm not sure what to do about that. I think it's fun to see the art evolve, but also some of my recent stuff is so much better

I mean that's all I do, pretty much. I make art, I exercise, I perform basic bodily functions, I socialize online with people here or there, and sometimes go outside to run errands. We're still under a state of emergency here. 

6/7 '20 2 Comments
The plotter art regularly gets oohed and aahed at in this house.
I can appreciate that feeling.

Also, added you on Twitter (not sure how that hadn't happened before now).

Also also - have you described the method you used for the software behind your art robot? I'd love to read how an image is broken down / interpreted by the software.

Lastly - I'm definitely going to pick up one of your pieces, but I have to wait until I'm back at my apartment to do that. Also, I have to stew over which one to pick for a long while. :)