The covid response in Ontario is nearly as much of a cluster-fuck as if they were intentionally trying to kill people.  For all I know, they are, but they are not as good at it as I'd expect competent mass-murderers to be. So, it's probably not malice, just the standard intentional incompetence of big-c Conservative/Republicans trying to ruin faith in government.

Anyway, the vax rollout has been just a god damn circus with a tidal wave of clown cars. Multiple appointment systems, different vaxxines with different providers, different eligibility criteria, changing literally by the day. 

I'd signed up to be notified when appointments were available for the "less desirable" AZ vax at my local pharmacies, but since these computer-based systems can't make instantaneous appointments when people who are supposed to be there simply don't show up, and given that a lot of low-information people are simply refusing their opportunities to get the AZ poke, I figured I'd just walk over to a pharmacy and just camp for a while and if someone didn't show up I could take their shot instead.

This turned out to be a winning strategy; in fact for the half hour I was at the pharmacy filling out forms and post-poke waiting to see if I had an allergic reaction, no one else came in for vax at all, which is appalling. 

People's risk-assessment for the blood clots a few folks people have got from AZ is really off-kilter. Undoubtedly due to the relentless hunger for media to have something, anything to talk about. Oh noes, danger! Danger!

The way I saw someone on the twitters talk about it, a Black man is 1000x more likely to be killed by a cop than anyone is of getting a blood clot from AZ, but I don't see them pulling cops off the streets.


Anyway, I was not expecting to get poked anytime soon but, there we go!

Yay for you!

Yeah, the issues with blood clots or with stopping vaccine roll-out or people being freaked out... It's kind of a no-win situation. If officials *don't* publicize/halt/react to the harm data, it will come back and bite everyone in the ass HARD, cause worse hesitancy (and thus death). But acknowledging it has equally bad drawbacks... for basically the same reasons.

I, like so many women, hear about the blood clot risk and a few things go through my mind:

1. "Yeah well, if they'd use more women in study groups..."
2. "Are you serious?? Have you SEEN the warning labels on birth control?! This is NOTHING!"
3. It's easy for me to scoff; I'm getting the Pfizer shot. I might (irrationally) feel different if it were AZ or JJ...

But mostly what I think is I've been cooped up and isolated from other people for way too long.