The classic fork-dressed peanut butter cookie recipe is 1C pb + 1/2C sugar + 1 egg. I wanted to improve it, and also make it easier to prep. At least in that one makes less mess. Have you ever tried to measure 1C of pb? But that's dumb when you could just weigh out 250g. So there's that reason gone. Anyway. We like these.  They taste like food.

Preheat oven to 325F & grease two cookie trays/half sheet pans.

Prep get

  • 400g of lightly salted snacking peanuts. 
  • 100g of roasted almonds (not salted).
  • 250g of white sugar

Put all of that in a food processor and whiz it up until it's gone past powder and is starting to clump up again. At this point I turn it out into a mixing bowl, then add

  • 2 eggs
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract

Use a scraper or disher to mix thoroughly. It will get extremely sticky.

Use a spoon or a disher to portion balls of dough onto the trays, leaving some room for expansion. Use a fork to smash them flat. You'll probably need to grease the fork or it'll stick.  

Bake at 325F for 11-15 minutes or until they smell done / are lightly browned.  Remove with a spatula (which will probably also need to be greased). Let them cool on a rack for 10 minutes to firm up.

Edited to add: if you want them to stay soft-ish, put them in a covered container after they cool down. If you like them crisp, let them stay out for a while. At least this works in the winter when the humidity is low.

Oh I love recipes with weights! Really speeds things up. And renders very reproducible results.

In a way, these are like peanut butter cookies made with almond flour.
Yeah we just toss the bowl on the kitchen scale and hit tare and go to town. So, so much easier. And not having to clean a buncha measuring cups is boss.
I like this a lot. Thank you!
Good luck with them. They're so good they disappear fast. I think the three of us put down 24 of them in less than a day last weekend? But you know, meal replacement. (They're so good.)
Pb/KCN cookies are considerably less safe.
I have a recipe that requires a cup of ketchup (I have a set of American measures specifically for dealing with this sort of guideline). Inevitably I wind up with probably about a tablespoon of said ketchup stuck inside the cup measure; also inevitably there is ketchup elsewhere, but not in the designated mixing bowl.
Waider 1/7
The Wonder Cup (, not an endorsement of a particular retailer) is superb for when we have to measure goopy things by volume. You lose only a small smear of the goods.
Good to know! I've seen those gadgets and always wondered if they were any good. Anything that gets the Dawn Keenan Seal of Approval™ is a keeper in my book!
I giggled over "they taste like food."
These bad boys (slaps the roof) look like cookies but eat like a meal!