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Matt and I are SO FRIGGIN' SICK, like lung-meat death-cough no-voice-fever sick. Fun vacation. But right now we're sitting outside on Santa Monica Blvd drinking Philz Coffee, and a douchebag in a convertible drove by cranking "Life in the Fast Lane" and I've never felt more California. 

Life is good despite it... though I'm not looking forward to 43 flights in the next 24 hours with clogged ears. (But I am looking forward to watching the eclipse from the plane.)

So much for singing Total Eclipse of the Heart for Southwest Airlines. Can't currently talk. 


OK, that's it. More later.

8/20 '17 5 Comments
Ugh, that SUCKS! At least you'll get to enjoy the eclipse, somewhat.
That's not fair, getting sick right on top of an iron infusion! Like, you should have super powers now, not lung death fever! Boo!
Anne Mollo 8/20 '17
Be well kids!
Thomas Boutell 8/21 '17
How was the flight??? I was in a concrete box all day, so I have to experience the universe through my friends' social media posts.
Like others, I am dying to know how the flight was!?
Anne Mollo 8/21 '17