Hi! I am a queer, non-binary person whose pronouns are anything but "it", and who is also a mom married to a straight guy. No, I don't find any of this contradictory. It took me a long, strange trip to get here, and I am really quite zen about it. I am not fussed about misgendering (from my perspective, you pretty much can't misgender me), which in no way invalidates those who are. 

This has been your National Coming Out Day public service announcement.

10/11 '16 8 Comments
To me, you will forever be Rabbit. However Rabbit chooses to define that.
Beth Adele 10/13 '16

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I love you too!
Rabbit 10/12 '16
Thomas Boutell 10/11 '16
Rabbit 10/12 '16
You're also a Pirate.
or a blacksmith, whichever.
Rabbit 10/12 '16