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... in response to Meryl Streep's gorgeous speech last night:

“We are going to have an unbelievable, perhaps record-setting turnout for the inauguration, and there will be plenty of movie and entertainment stars,” Mr. Trump said. “All the dress shops are sold out in Washington. It’s hard to find a great dress for this inauguration.”

I can't wait until January 20th rolls around and nobody comes to his party (except maybe The Nuge). Maybe that's what it'll take to show this clown that no really dude, nobody likes you, and nobody wants to come to your party, no matter how many moon bounces and ice cream flavors you're gonna have.

With everyone's luck, there will be a horrible nor'easter hitting the whole DC area from the 19-21st, making that the reason in Donald's orange little head why people couldn't come.

Anyway, that's what I'm thinkin' about here in my folks' spare bedroom in north Jersey at 7:40am. Back to sleep.

The 48% who voted for him must include some... known persons. It'll be a countrified show, but I'm betting there will be a show.
Scott Baio playing the xylophone.
They're gonna get Tupac's hologram or something... LOL
Not the 21st ... I'll be there protesting.
Go get 'em! My sister-in-law and niece(s) will be there, too!
Rock on lady Knapps!
"Lady Knapps" sounds like a euphemism for something... like, "She kicked me right in the lady knapps." I don't know. :)
what are you doing in your folks' spare bedroom in North Jersey at 7:40 am? Everything ok, or just a fun trip?
Aw, thanks for asking. My dad's best friend since kindergarten, a man I called Uncle Chris, died a few weeks ago, and yesterday was a memorial service for him in north Jersey. We figured we drove all that way, so we might as well spend the night.

It was a good visit, but the conversation Matt and I had on the drive back to DE was better than any therapy session. I've got mommy issues, apparently. (Ya think?)
This wasn't... 'Spike(?)' was it? The guy who was a 'weekend biker'?
Nopers. Uncle Chris wasn't much of a biker guy... more of a car guy. He owned body shops and gas stations for most of his life/jobs.

I'm trying to remember if you ever met him. He didn't really come over for holidays, but he popped over every so often. My dad called him "Greek," ( his last name was Xenetelis), but he was always Uncle Chris to me.

If you did meet him, you guys would have loved each other. But that happens when people meet you. :)
"The Greek" sounds familiar. I think that I may have met him one time, but I'm not sure - it's been a little while. :)
Marie Osmond is *in*!
rone 1/13 '17