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Look, I don't care where you go, but get off LiveJournal. Today I was presented with this:

"The translation of this User Agreement is not a legally binding document. The original User Agreement, which is valid, is located at" [see document in Russian].

OK, so other sites change their terms... WITHOUT telling you they are NOT BOUND by the English version, that is... But LiveJournal also got rid of HTTPS recently. (Translation: completely sniffable on the wire.)

It's been circling the drain for a long time but COME ON CHILDREN, we need to FIND THE EXITS AND DEPART.

I will have to make time to check my backups and delete my LJ. What a PITA.

Well, it was good while it lasted. And it lasted a long time.

Just wanted to say that I'm looking into a number of different backup options. One that I found interesting:
(Though I'm more focused on finding one that backs up comments as well...)
Also, some interesting reading if anyone is curious:
I'm looking at that one for something I can save on my own system. It looks pretty slick.
Agreed. I was thinking of it as a 'secondary backup' / easily portable.

Still - so much of why I loved LJ was the conversation with friends - which is all wrapped up in the commenting system...
Update on BlogBooker - the free version only allows 1 year to PDF or 6 months for Word Doc.

I'm considering the $30 for unlimited.
Matt Lichtenwalner 4/3 '17edited
Update: I bought in. Worked perfectly! I now have a PDF book of all my entries, comments, and images.

My only complaint is that the images get crunched to pretty small sizes, but that's really about it.
Good call!
Nice! Did you have to accept the agreement on LJ first?
Sadly, I did. I tried without it, but received an error message. Dug through that and saw something about 'accept license agreement'.

They've blocked e'erythin.
To answer the question about import to opw: opw allows only one post per day, and I'd need to make some big changes there. Also everybody should leave LJ now, not when I get a round tuit. I think the sensible thing is to move to one of the directly compatible sites folks have mentioned.
Also there's something called BlogBooker that changes LJ/DW/blogger posts into pdfs or Word Docs. It works on Mac (and PC). The service is busy right now (shocker), but I plan to use it in the future so I can get my posts about the kids in a format that I can give to them when they're older.
Shelle Klein Houser 4/4 '17edited
Never mind, Matt was already on it and did it better ...
This is a thing. Thoughts? Your skills and experience are greatly valued in this regard.
This was super super duper easy to use. I brought over all of my entries, comments, userpics, custom friend groups, etc. with a click or 4. Nothing to it.
I ported my LJ to Dreamwidth awhile back. I forget what exactly the triggering event was, probably either the sale to a Russian company or one of LJ's many outages, and the realization that the platform was starting to die. I've had no complaints; only thing I need to do now is turn off crossposting.
Oh crap. I'm glad you guys mentioned this. I think that _I_ did a dreamwidth account. (How many damn blogs do I have?!)

Anyway - thanks for the reminder.
I'm no expert on Dreamwidth, but Genevieve is pretty smart, and she likes them.

Unfortunately it looks like we'll all have to accept the agreement before that tool can work. (If it somehow works without it, COOL. Let me know.)
The main potential issue with Dreamwidth is that as far as I can tell it's a labor of love for one or a few people, and those can be kind of unstable. But they haven't, for example, sold themselves to Russia, so there's that.
Indeed, it is extremely similar to OPW then, with the same risks, but also the same relatively low likelihood of active jerkery.
Sounds like a good temporary measure, at least.
Also very interesting that their "account management" page where you can discontinue recurring payments for Paid LJ accounts is conveniently 404'd. I can't stop my payments right now. Fuuuuuck thaaaat.

I just backed up my journal and comments using LJArchive, and am currently in queue to have my LJ posts, comments, userpics, tags, and everything else imported into dreamwidth. I imagine their servers are drowning right now under the load since everyone is probably jumping ship, but there you have it.

So, soon I'll be Weird. End of an era indeed.
"Interesting" in a "Man, you folks are really making me want to punch you in the baby makers" sense.
I think they ended paid accounts. The agreement justifies a lot of its terms by pointing out it's free.
Sure, we're waterboarding you, but we're not charging you for it, so...
Ah. Right.
I'd still like to remove my CC info if I can.
EDIT! I was a paid LJ'er, and I also paid a few teeny bucks extra to have extra storage space and extra userpics. Those payments were STILL sent to be recurring... I just turned that off now. That account management page is no longer 404-ing.

So even if things are "free," there are still some things they were charging for.

This comment has been deleted.


What she said.

*pumps fist*
Did anyone tell Jenn Abrevaya? She doesn't read OPW, even though she has an account, and she still uses LJ.
Good call. I'll ping her.
Fuck. Now I have to put my glasses on and figure out how to backup and/or destroy 14 years of LJ.
Jill had a version of an LJ Backup App (the only one I know of that worked) for Windowz.
Matt Lichtenwalner 4/3 '17edited
Tom, how hard would it be to make it possible for us to import our LiveJournals here, in the way that Dreamwidth offers? I tried Dreamwidth briefly, didn't really turn me on, got completely out of the habit of online journaling, and finally landed here. I was just saying to myself that I wanted to start writing more, too.
Anne Mollo 4/3 '17
Wow. Yeah. Guess I know what I'm doing tonight.

Tried to go to the site. Was presented with the same. Tried to use the "Not Now" option and that took me to a page with two options:

1. Log Out
2. Expire All Sessions

Well crap.
So... if you were very clever, you might manage to back up without agreeing.

However, you can't delete your livejournal without agreeing.

They blocked the API too until you agree.
Trying to figure out what the best step is. I did read the agreement, which is pretty short and basically says it's free, you don't have any rights, and the whole thing is subject to Russian law. It used to maintain a certain distance, which is definitely gonesville.

I think the best option, which is still a pretty crappy one, is probably to agree, back up, and delete. The agreement does emphasize that delete is still an option. I ain't no lawyer.

Thomas Boutell 4/3 '17edited
I'm doing exactly that: agree, back up, switch off the lights and toss a Molotov cocktail.
Well shit.
Rabbit 4/3 '17
Well said.
Just read this: if you wanna delete your LJ w/out agreeing to the new TOS, install noscript and go straight to the acct status page
1. That's excellent - thank you.
2. It makes me think - I'm planning to delete my comments as well, but have all my people pulled them down yet?