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When I built OPW, I never meant for folks to feel like every post has to be Shakespeare. But — and this is a testament to the love and care people do put into their posts — it often feels that way, even to me. I only get one per day! So it had better be awesome! So I don't post at all!

But I don't want it to be that way. So I'm going to try to be the fluff I want to see in the world. If I'm fresh out of spoons — if all I have is, let's say, half a spork — I'm just gonna keep it light.

Wait... that was insightful. Does this post still qualify as light? Am I cheating? O NOES

7/20 '17 7 Comments
My personal hack is to write something—anything, fluff or profundity or whatever—and then go back later and add to it/update it. So it's kind of like being able to post lots of things in a day, not just one thing.

Guess that's fair warning to anyone who reads my writing. If you read it, you might want to check back later because it could suddenly be twice as long!!
Anne Mollo 7/20 '17
Yeah. I do that too. Often I'll do the additions as comments to the original post - which probably makes things even more difficult for anyone trying to follow along. Hmm...
Maybe there is a way to receive a notification on posts you've already read that get updated? Usually you only get notifications for posts you've commented on... Probably not possible. Hmm.
Anne Mollo 7/20 '17
I don't mind the add stuff later technique, but the update notifications thing sounds too much like six posts a day. 😁
Thomas Boutell 7/21 '17
Very true. But I do sometimes wish I knew when people updated a post, even the ones I hadn't commented upon.
Anne Mollo 7/21 '17
Dunno, but that video was pretty adorbs.
Fluff is good.