Thanks to Matt Lichtenwalner for the idea.

I start the day by asking Siri to play the news, which for me means NPR News Now, the top-of-the-hour newscast. I use Siri a lot, but that's a subject for another post.

After that I usually dip into The Late Show Pod Show with Stephen Colbert, especially if there's a monologue or a Meanwhile segment. What can I say, I love me some Meanwhile.

Lately I've also started listening to Coder Radio. They talk about software and technology and politics surrounding that. I don't like everything they say, but that's good for me, as long as I'm disagreeing with other members of the reality-based community. And they had a strong recent episode on the Restrict Act, which is some bullshit. These guys also do a bunch of Linux podcasts.

Alternatively, if there's a new episode of Gadget Lab from the Wired crew I'm all over that. As with Wired in general these days, they spend at least as much time critiquing tech as they do nerding out over it.

That's about it on a typical weekday. But sometimes, just sometimes folks, I throw on yesterday's clothes, strap on my Bose headphones, saddle up my trusty Oreck, lean into the household chores and go full beast mode with  Planet Money, The Indicator, Linux Action News, Life in the Ted Lane, EV News Daily, and occasionally The Moth. I have a puzzling resistance to firing up The Moth, I think because it seems like a Bigger Deal, and then I'm reliably captivated.

Last year I also spent a lot of time listening to How We Survive, a podcast from NPR's marketplace about fighting and adapting to climate change — or, in many cases, putting our heads in the sand (*cough* Miami). But I'm all caught up for now.

Just recently I got into Serious Trouble, which covers the legal travails of people who are in serious trouble, most of whom should have known better. Quality schadenfreude, but they are currently annoying me by demanding payment for multiple consecutive stories and just airing teasers on their free feed.

I did decide to pay for Planet Money+, which mostly entitles me to behind-the-scenes and extra-details stories I mostly skip, but I don't mind because Planet Money has been in my life so long I felt like a heel not supporting them. What can I say, I'm addicted to the Beigie Awards.

I use Apple Podcasts for all of the above. It works with Siri and I never seem to have difficulty finding a show I've heard about. But I will hit play directly on a website if there's something in my way, of course.

And that's my 100% brutally honest podcast list. Apparently I'm an econ fiend. Who knew?

That sir, is an excellent selection!

I was subscribed to NPR News Now for a while, but since I subscribe and download my episodes overnight on hotel wifi for use in the car during the day, I was getting 743850954 instances of the same story, so I bailed. If I was just getting one copy (the latest) that show would be wonderful.

_Make Me Smart_ from my list is a Planet Money show. I don't know why I haven't listened to Planet Money itself. May be time to change that.

And lastly, I would probably do the Late Show Pod Show, but I tend to see those same segments on YouTube while I'm getting ready in the morning.

Thanks for sharing your list!