Midjourney created this image, given the prompt "white cat named Spike in the style of Marvel." If you've seen my cat, and if you haven't you must be new here, this is pretty amazing. I picked my favorite of the four initial images and upscaled it. I didn't do any further refinement.

Not a real photograph. Dall-E created this image, given the prompt "a big white cat named Spike with stripes like a raccoon and spots like a cow photorealistic."

My privacy-minded partner thought at first this was a photo of our cat.

So Dall-E is just better, right? It depends. The above was Dall-E's best effort on the same Marvel Spike genre prompt Midjourney nailed so well. I attempted to refine this with the words "Marvel cinematic universe" and so on, but it didn't get any closer to the concept.

Midjourney created these images from the prompt "Midjourney's mother." I didn't pick a winner or do any further refinement.

It is difficult not to read into this. But is it just telling me what I want to hear? And if it is, so what?

Midjourney created this image from the prompt "the true purpose of Midjourney." Three of these can be understood simply as riffing on the word "journey." The one at upper right is perhaps just riffing on images frequently associated with the words "true purpose." So as lovely as they are, they don't make me go "hmm" as much as the previous set.

"Dall-E's mother photorealistic" yielded this image, and other images of animal mothers. One was a chimpanzee. If they were all chimpanzees, it could be considered a little cheeky. But emphasizing one chimpanzee out of four images would just be cherry-picking on my part.

Dall-E generated these images for the prompt "the true purpose of Dall-E." There's a theme, at least for three of them, but if there's a message here this monkey isn't clever enough to figure it out.

A Google employee who claims their text-generating AI is a sentient being has been fired. On the whole, I tend to agree with those who say that particular AI (not Dall-E or Midjourney) is probably not a sentient being. And yet, I also agree with those who have serious questions about our ability to judge that. This will be more of an issue as the line gets fuzzier. And it's getting fuzzy pretty fast.

Given the state of the art in answering "Convince me that you're sapient" combined with deepfake full-motion video, are we far off from requiring shared secrets to defend against machines that can answer "Convince me that you're Thomas B. Boutell"? Truly realistic androids are probably a bit further out, but do we need to exchange secrets before that sneaks up on us? And when we do establish these secrets, how far away from civilization do we need to be to avoid eavesdropping by phones or other gadgets?
If you ever see me drinking a Miller Lite, you know I’ve been kidnapped or it’s a robot.
“DESTROY ROBOT” “But I just poured this whole can into this bowl to make pizza dough, see, I just like to drink the last s-“ *SQUINCH*
If you ever see me pouring a Miller high Life into a champagne glass, you can be pretty sure that it *is* me.
Yeah, my belly can’t tolerate beer. Good for other people, not for me.
Have you read or listened to Wanderers, by Chuck Wendig, yet?
I have a friend putting haikus into midjourney. With quite lovely results.

I'm pretty sure a subscription to mid journey is in my near future. Just because I like it, can't think of any reason I need it.
My mind is thoroughly blown. I think someone fed this machine a TON of Dave Palumbo, Blade Runner, Edward Hopper, and the lady who paints the kids with big eyes.
I found this to be a very insightful exploration of the Dall-E “mind”: https://astralcodexten.substack.com/p/a-guide-to-asking-robots-to-design
I played with Midjourney for much longer than I should have last night and blew out my free trial.
I noticed that it tends to create dark-haired, dark-eyed women with wide foreheads and cheekbones and narrow chins.

One user kept putting in different search terms to try and get pr0n, like "asian girl bikini big balloons" and getting, literally, an Asian girl in a bikini holding a bunch of balloons. It was kind of hilarious.
Mr. Blue Sky, illustrated by AI:
It was getting pretty ominous there toward the end. Very cool
Illustrated by a grim and vaguely threatening AI. Also I assume that it's "illustrated by having MidJourney create a half-dozen images and our trained team of evolved monkeys picking the one that fits best in their opinion"
I mean, strictly speaking the curation angle plus the fact that people post these pictures publicly where they will possibly be incorporated into future revisions of this sort of tech means that anyone curating the images is now part of the network generating them...