I'm sitting at work in a fit of mild anxiety. You see my new fence is being installed today. I'm not anxious (mostly) about the fence. But because the fence installation might take two days, my dogs are at a friend's house. So, the defense of the house, without my presence, has devolved to my cat, Spot.

Make no mistake. TheĀ  loyalties of cats never change. They are loyal to themselves, only.

Have you ever heard of a cat dragging their insensate owner from a burning building? Enough said.

I'm (mostly) certain that everything will be fine. And for those keeping track at home, this is remodel project #2, headed for the record books. Next up, we get the heat pump installed.

9/20 '18 1 Comment
You and your dergs are gonna love your new fence! I'm so thrilled that your home improvement wishes are coming to fruition!

Since I have a habit of naming all my cats after Star Trek characters, I give you my pit bull raised cat, Spot. The smallest animal in my house, pushes around all of the rest.

8/30 '18 10 Comments
Somehow that Just Makes Sense.
Karen 8/31 '18
Dear Ray, don't tell my boyfriend, but I love you. :)
Karen 8/31 '18
Also, thanks for the nostalgia. I geeked out for while. http://memory-beta.wikia.com/wiki/Spot
Karen 8/31 '18edited
The name was appropriate on several levels. She was *tiny* when I got her. She also has a beauty mark on her left upper lip.
Ray Conrad 9/1 '18
I know I must have watched this episode, but I don't remember THIS :

In 2370, Spot became pregnant, sired by any one of the Enterprise's twelve male cats and eventually gave birth to five kittens. During the last days of her pregnancy, a synthetic T cell was causing the crew of the Enterprise to de-evolve. Spot was also affected, and was transformed into a lizard just as she was giving birth to her kittens.
Robert Bryan 9/6 '18
I don't remember it either.
Karen 9/9 '18
That sounds... complicated.
Eeeee! Spot!

We were just talking about Brent Spiner and how he acted the craaaap out of Data... and how the writers gave him such great things to do. We talked about how perfect naming his kitteh Spot was, too.

In other news, watching Brent Spiner and Michael Dorn riff on Twitter cancels out the awfulness that exists on the platform.
I've taken to calling all of it, anti-social media.
Ray Conrad 9/11 '18