Upon seeing me in my costume, everyone said the same thing. "I found him!"

11/5 '19 9 Comments
I love this!!
Love it! Also, this was one of VERY few costumes I had to take a pic of at the Baltimore Comic Con. In fact, I had to chase the guy down to get the pic (he was on his way out). Figured you might appreciate it:
That's fantastic.
Right? It took me a second, and he was moving past me in the crowded space of the con. By the time my brain put 2 and 2 together, I had to hustle back through the crowd to stop him and ask if I could take the picture.

There Waldo!

... I'll see myself out.
Ha! Love it!

I almost didn't recognize you without your face fur!

Also *really* digging those glasses on you.
How do I know I'm getting old? I knew something 'seemed different' and had no idea it was the lack of facial hair. Where's my walker and my pills?

It's October, and Halloween is right around the corner. I haven't painted myself into the corner, but I've had some pretty good Halloween costumes in years past. No easy task for my panoramic physique. I've been assembling elements for this year's costume, but y'all are just gonna have to wait for the big reveal.

My dog, Gna had a tumor removed in March of '18. The biopsy results were that it was an aggressive cancer. And while my vet got narrow margins, with this type of cancer they'd like wide margins. It was located close to her genitals, so there was just no room to get wider margins. This morning I noticed she has another mass in almost the same spot. I'm bringing her in next week for my vet to have a look-see. She's 8-9 as near as we can determine, so it's going to be a judgement call. And there's always a chance that things have gone seriously sideways internally. Today has been really hard, I've been sitting at work torturing myself with what-ifs.

I turned in my submission for my monthly writer's group and I'm really happy with it. I suck at short stories, but this one came in around thirteen pages and just under 4,000 words. The 30,000 foot view is it's a sci-fi/milfic/vampire story that takes a hard left turn into Lovecraftian horror. The writer's group meets on Friday. I'm looking forward at least that far.

That is all, and I think that's enough on my plate for right now.

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Poop on dog cancers. I lost my Best Dog Ever to nose cancer last year about this time. I hope Gna's prognosis ends up being a better one.
Thanks, I've lost two of three dogs to cancer. I hope it's not soon to be three of four.
For those following along at home, Gna had her second lumpectomy. The mass is going out for a biopsy, but it looked identical to the first. Sort of like Satan's Cauliflower. The first was a malignant cancer of the apocrine gland, a sweat gland. But on a dog they are located in the hair follicle and excrete a fatty oil that gives a dog their doggy odor.

She was stoned out of her gourd for a day and a half, but is back to her normal, pre-cancerous bouncy, happy self. Other than the inflatable horse collar to keep her out of the stitches until the incision heals. Biopsy comes back in two weeks so we'll know more then.

In the mean time the weight of the world is off my shoulders.
>"...is back to her normal, pre-cancerous bouncy, happy self..."

Happy to hear it! Keeping my fingers crossed whenever I don't need them for driving etc. :)
That’s good news! I very glad.
I'm keeping my fingers and toes crossed for Gna.

I really would like to make it to your writer's group one of these years...

Can we read the short after the group has had a shot at it?
Once I get it back from mangling by the writer's group I'll share it out.
Good luck to you and your girl. You'll do the best you can for her, and she's lucky to have you. xoxo
Thanks to both of you for the kind thoughts.

I got invited to a costume party that was delayed from the prior Friday. So, post-Halloween, I had to gin up a costume and my ax wasn't back from the cleaners yet.

So, I re-treaded an old costume. The chestburster from Alien. Yes, I have one. He doesn' t eat much and things are fine as long as he stays inside the containment field and power doesn't fail.

I realized that this is the only costume I have that I could wear to cosplay at Comic Con, were I to ever brave the perils of the introvert-destroying event. Someday, maybe, if I go insane.

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"Hello my baby, hello my honey, hello my ragtime gaaaaaaal..."
Now where the heck am I supposed to find a teeny-tiny top hat?
I like the mouse. Nice touch.
The mouse was a table decoration. I thought it added a certain je ne sai quois.

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I showed this to Matt and he laughed *and* clapped! You always have the best costumes.
Nicely done sir. Nicely done.

Also... are you clean shaven?! I didn't know your face came with a no-hair option! (Similar to my mom's... ba-dum CHING!)
Not *quite* clean shaven. I clippered the goatee without a guide on. There's fuzz there, the rest of my face has about 2 days growth, but due to the fact that most of it is gray (damn you time, you unrelenting bitch!) it's not visible in this pic.