I got invited to a costume party that was delayed from the prior Friday. So, post-Halloween, I had to gin up a costume and my ax wasn't back from the cleaners yet.

So, I re-treaded an old costume. The chestburster from Alien. Yes, I have one. He doesn' t eat much and things are fine as long as he stays inside the containment field and power doesn't fail.

I realized that this is the only costume I have that I could wear to cosplay at Comic Con, were I to ever brave the perils of the introvert-destroying event. Someday, maybe, if I go insane.

11/5 '18 4 Comments
"Hello my baby, hello my honey, hello my ragtime gaaaaaaal..."
Now where the heck am I supposed to find a teeny-tiny top hat?
Ray Conrad 11/6 '18
I like the mouse. Nice touch.
Karen Kuhl 11/6 '18
The mouse was a table decoration. I thought it added a certain je ne sai quois.
Ray Conrad 11/6 '18