Today is the "birthday" of Schrödinger's Cat. Don't forget to wish it a happy birthday. (Or schedule the funeral.)

11/29 '18 3 Comments
That's funny - Mark and I were just discussing this particular feline over Thanksgiving. Thanks for the head sup!
I think of Schrodinger's Cat often. This morning I woke up and thought about the text messages that may or may not be on my phone before I checked. For a moment, they didn't really exist, and therefore neither did the inevitable obligation to act on them, because I did not see them (not a perfect analogy, but I was still waking up.)
Karen 12/4 '18edited
Obligations existing in a quantum state. Interesting wrinkle on Schrödinger's Cat.

Napoleon once directed his secretary Bourrienne to leave all letters unopened for three weeks. A large a part of the correspondence had thus disposed of itself and no longer required an answer. I tried doing this with bills once and it didn't work out so well.
Ray Conrad 12/4 '18

I've been warning my vet that her laptop is walking wounded for literally, years. So, it up and dies last month. They come to me in a panic. Nope. Nothing can be done. Unit isn't even powering on. Battery's good, power supply good. Buy a new laptop. I send them a recommendation.

And nothing happens for 3 weeks.

Then it comes in last Friday and it's assholes and elbows to get it ready for this Friday. Okay not a big deal. Install office, install AV, install AM. Except that her equally ancient portable printer doesn't want to operate on USB 2 or 3. And despite being advertised as Bluetooth, doesn't have the validation code on it anywhere.

Le sigh.

Digging around in HP's moldy basement I find a version of the installer that is marked "For IT use only". Well, I always was one that couldn't resist pushing the big red button labelled "Do not push".

After a couple of passes the IT use only installer finally installs a critical, missing SYS file and the printer groans to life. Huzzah!

So it's on to other problems. Notably that I use robocopy to create a running incremental backup of the practice management software's data that her veterinary business requires to an installed SD card. Ah, now it's Microsoft's turn to mess with things. It seems they've been busy monkeywrenching the schedule tasks interface. But really, it was just a matter of making sure the scheduled task runs at the highest level of authority. Nota bene, all is well.

But this time I installed remote access software so I can take a peek at problems from the comfort of my own home, the NEXT time it breaks.

6/14 '18 4 Comments
Hey, in unrelated news, does your cousin still own that salon in Philly? I need to confess something to her and see if she can help me atone for a sin from long ago.
Niece. And yes, she does, Fringe Salon. Looks like they moved to new digs. 1901 South 9th Street Room 505, BoK Building, (215) 339-1778.
Ray Conrad 6/15 '18
Many thanks, my good sir!
My brother learned that trick of installing RAS on every machine he's responsible for, and I'd say 98% of the time he can solve issues via his phone. Technology, man.