So, SCOTUS upheld the bakery's side of the argument that they were not required to bake a cake for a gay couple's wedding. And the internet broke. A thousand fucks were given. People said horrible things about other people.

Let's look at what SCOTUS actually said. And it wasn't close. 7-2 for the bakers. SCOTUS said that the Colorado Civil Rights Commision was hostile to religion. Yes, Colorado has an anti-discrimination law with regard to gays. But the United States has a law requiring governments at all levels to not infringe on people's right to freely practice their religion. It's a pretty big one, First Amendment, ever hear of it? SCOTUS said that Colorado had infringed on the baker's rights to practice their religion without government interference.

Now in the depositions, the bakers said that they wouldn't have objected to making a cake for the gay couple for another reason. Birthday cake? No problem! And that right there is the point that decision turns on. You have members of a protected class, the gay couple. You have a protected activity, freedom of religion. The baker's objection wasn't making the cake. It was being FORCED by the government to participate in something that they felt violated the tenets and beliefs of their religion. And that's another strike against the First Amendment, freedom of association. When the government is telling you that you must do something, you're not free.

Both parties obviously felt strongly about this as it has been arguing its way through the court system for 6 years. SCOTUS made a narrow decision in that, while the decision was 7-2, had the smallest legal footprint possible. They didn't say that it's okay to not do business with gay people. They said the state government was unfair.

Is this case over? I sure hope for the sake of the bakers it is. I can't imagine their business has survived this sort of legal battle. The legal costs must be staggering.

6/4 '18 2 Comments
I had no problem with the SCOTUS decision. If someone doesn't wanna make me a cake for any reason, I'm gonna take my business elsewhere. How can I enjoy a cake that was made in anger?

And the bakery said they'd be willing to make them a birthday cake. It seemed completely reasonable to me.
Ray Conrad 6/6 '18