On our turn around the park (it helps, but I whine, especially when it's hot like now and when it gets crowded), Spouse asked what I'd do in particular, if I had a free pass magic bubble "no-one gets sick or dies" leave to do anything.

And I couldn't really pick something. There's no single thing. And then I said I'd take the train to my parents and go to Dad's favorite restaurant for dinner. Then I started crying.

Speaking of no-one gets sick or dies, I'm having a hard time not being angry at people I know for their choices right now. I know it's complicated. And I'm not arguing or shaming people or even writing them off. I know it's complicated. But I am angry with the choices people I know are making. I know it's going to change relationships over time.

The most basic truth I believe in is that the most vulnerable person in every situation is owed the highest duty of care from everyone else in the situation. I know that is nothing something my society teaches, practices nor rewards. Particularly not when the most vulnerable person is a stranger or can't easily be identified.

Which brings me to my quote of the day:

Yea I’m dumb, and no politician heroes, but @EdMarkey saying maybe it’s time your country did something for you is, besides being a brutal burn, the exact perfect message for this moment and so obvious I can’t believe no one has said it before now.

8/27 '20