I have a dream of never voting for a prosecutor for public office (other than Cook County State's Attorney #TeamFoxx!) ever again. Kamala Harris is complicating that--not because she's some magical prosecutor, not because she gets a pass, not because her record is exceptionally good as a prosecutor. 

Kamala Harris is complicating that because, well, she's requiring me to think about what chances for advancement in a political or legal career a woman has and how much those chances narrow when that woman is not white (skinny and pretty!). Running for prosecutor? That's one of them. Or at least has become one very recently. Brennan Center talks about that shift here. 

But Brennan Center examines the change in terms of prosecutorial reform, rather than from intersectional feminism. The intersectional feminism angle is why Kamala Harris is making me think more about it.

But I don't know much about Harris' career, or her record as a DA. I know the headlines are calling her Senate record "More liberal than Bernie!"

I also know the birthers are already out in droves. That photos of her are being darkened and chosen by editors because she looks angry. I recall people saying she can't be Southeast Asiam because she doesn't even pronounce her own name right.

I know I'd rather see her one old guy from the Presidency than Mike Fucking HIV-enabling Pence.

8/13 '20