We took a walk; it was hot; now I'm sneezing from all the pollen. I did a good job of walking away from thoughts today, so now I'm having difficulty deciding what to note about today.

Under this administration, USCIS  has ignored the SCOTUS ruling and they are rejecting all DACA applications (and returning fees). Renewals will be granted for a single year only, the start date of approval being the date the application was approved by USCIS. 

This frightens me because people still think that the election will happen and the results will be accurate and a transition--should one be ordained by the results--will follow. I see very little evidence of that.

It makes me angry. Everything makes me angry but especially now, the impotence of anger, the impotence of people in need, the indifference of people in control, that makes me angry.

"[The protests] are a human response to violence."

The US is all violence and screaming at the sky.

8/24 '20

I wish I could respons to anything without extreme annoyance.  That has not been possible this week. We'll see how next week goes.

There's a meme going around, listing a state, how many votes the dickhead won by, and the number of African-Americans in the state who did not vote (usually the much larger of the two numbers). It's factually accurate and semantically misleading. "Did not vote" where "did not" should read "were intentionally disenfranchised.

I've done elections work for years at a good government nonprofit--primarily voter education research. I also did voter protection for several elections (general and primary) until 2016. There is so much interference with the polling places and the people in predominantly Black precincts. Very professional-looking circulars, telling people their polling places have moved. Very official-looking people, lying about lines and which doors to use. 

And that's the obviously intentional interference. That's not the criminalization fo being poor. The refusing to let people who were in prison once ever vote again. That's not the lack of simple clear instructions about how and where to register. That's not the laws making it impossible to register if your housing is unstable.

No, very often it's not that people do not vote but that other people have done everything possible to keep them from voting.

8/19 '20