Tenant hit a glitch with her move-out but I don't think it'll be a problem. Well, it's not a problem for me. She has no real option but to get the big stuff out today (the building won't let her use the freight elevators for moves on the weekend) and I've tried to make it clear that I won't penalize her for finishing up the small stuff over the weekend. But the painters will be there Monday; the cleaning crew on Wednesday, when I'll hand the keys over to the sales agent.

I am really very sad, even as I'm not second-guessing the decision to sell it. It's time. Change is always hard, but buying that place was the first change it my life I did right and did not regret. Also, it had always been my goal in life to own a vintage flat on Lake Shore Drive and there, I did!

I'll miss its haunted hotel hallways. Its 70's horror-movie architectural details. Its single girl in the city cachet. The remains of the Murphy bed making up a wall in the kitchen.The floors, the windows, the tile. The kitchen I redid. The colors I picked for its walls. The Lake peeking through the trees across the way.

I'll always regret the work I never got around to. And I'm sad we won't always have it, to come home to for the weekend. But that's a lifestyle we're not likely to have.

When it sells, I'll have a picnic on the floor. If it's soon, it'll just be me and the Spouse. If it takes forever, well, it may be a whole cocktail house-cooling party.

7/31 '20