Today in let them eat cake, I made wallpaper choices. I am happy with my wallpaper choices. Now I need to buy some paint and hire a crew to install it.

I also talked with a friend who was mad at himself for engaging with right-wing nutjobs arguing "good" civil protesting and "bad" civil unrest. I repeat myself here:

The thing is: folks don't go to a protest with the desire to loot. You don't think "hey! A protest! Great, I can steal some Ferragamos!" So the conversation about looting is irrelevant to the meaning, purpose and morality of protest.

It becomes relevant to the conversation about controlling protest, but you have to start with the question of whether it is a legitimate function of democratic government to control protest at all before you can even assess which means of control are least likely to cause looting or violence.

Protest, and the chaos that can result from crowds, are a normal human response to violence and oppression. We got state violence in spades around here.

Otherwise, I don't feel any better, but for now I don't feel worse.

8/26 '20

We took a walk; it was hot; now I'm sneezing from all the pollen. I did a good job of walking away from thoughts today, so now I'm having difficulty deciding what to note about today.

Under this administration, USCIS  has ignored the SCOTUS ruling and they are rejecting all DACA applications (and returning fees). Renewals will be granted for a single year only, the start date of approval being the date the application was approved by USCIS. 

This frightens me because people still think that the election will happen and the results will be accurate and a transition--should one be ordained by the results--will follow. I see very little evidence of that.

It makes me angry. Everything makes me angry but especially now, the impotence of anger, the impotence of people in need, the indifference of people in control, that makes me angry.

"[The protests] are a human response to violence."

The US is all violence and screaming at the sky.

8/24 '20