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Happy Thanksgiving, all.

"Sargeant, you got a lot a damn gall to ask me if I've rehabilitated myself, I mean, I mean, I mean that just, I'm sitting here on the bench, I mean I'm sitting here on the Group W bench 'cause you want to know if I'm moral enough join the army, burn women, kids, houses and villages after being a litterbug."

11/27 '14 3 Comments
I'm not proud. Or tired.
Sean M Puckett 11/27 '14
I know you don't want me to have any money to spend in the jail cell, but do you think I'm really going to kill myself for littering?
Kid, we don't like your kind, and we're gonna send your fingerprints off to Washington.
Kevin Niemi 11/28 '14

NaNoWriMo-ers (and drawers, poets, knitters, etc), you've got 5 days left! What's your status?

11/26 '14 2 Comments
I posted the final interior pdf and final cover pdf to Ingram today and clicked "Commit" on Arden House Book 2.
(Started working on that in June 2013, though, which is probably cheating in the NaNoWriMo context, but there it is.)
Robert Bryan 11/26 '14
Oh, you "real novelists" with your "editorial schedules" and "completion dates". [Eyeroll]
Thomas Boutell 11/26 '14

Fellas, who's doing No Shave November/Movember? Show me your beards.

11/24 '14 5 Comments
Um, by accident?
Thomas Boutell 11/24 '14
It was your pic that inspired it. ;) Show it off!
Karen 11/24 '14
Well, I wouldn't call it "NO" shave... (I couldn't handle the neck beard) but I'm not doing anything with the main portion...

I kept the goatee only for a gig on the 14th so I just started the full beard. Trimmed back the rest to match. Everything's so short - my face feels naked!
Kevin Niemi 11/25 '14
Very nice!
Karen 11/26 '14

I loved Morgan the Unicorn so much I wanted to name a future daughter after her. I'm trying to remember how young I would have been to be into these.

11/17 '14 12 Comments
I LOVED Morgan...all things unicorn, really. I still have some of those Serendipity books and still pick up ones when I see them. Been eyeing ones on Amazon for my best friend's daughter. I was just talking the other day to someone about my unicorn collection, specifically that I still have my My Little Pony unicorns. :) This post really makes me happy that someone else remembers Morgan.
Robyn 12/7 '14
I also collected Sue Dawe unicorn posters. Remember this one? http://i.imgur.com/rhfzeQh.jpg I had it on my bedroom door for years.
Karen 12/12 '14
I feel like an uneducated arse... I never even heard of these before. Must make up for lost childhood STAT!
No, really, this could be entirely buried under charm bracelets, Strawberry Shortcake, and all the other more common items from Way Back When. I just caught a thread of a memory when I heard the name Morgan last night. I was lucky to get a hit on the correct cover art to pick up the rest.

I am always for making up for a lost childhood. Still working on mine. (I haven't made it out of kindergarten, yet.)
Karen 11/18 '14
I actually have never heard of these either. I probably would have loved them as a kid, too. Now I have boys and unicorns are Right Out, but since even my toddler is a rabid, drooling Labyrinth fan, I really have nothing to complain about.
I remember getting this series for my daughter, born in 1990.
Sean M Puckett 11/18 '14
Unicorn Club Forever! (I made a unicorn club when I was 11. Your daughter is an automatic member.)
Karen 11/18 '14
I looked, just for fun. 1892 for Morgan and Yew! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Serendipity_%28book_series%29
Thomas Boutell 11/18 '14
Wow, did not realize how old these were. I guess I should say I don't know how old I was when these particular printings were out. I recognized the covers instantly. Thanks for the link!
Karen 11/18 '14
...and now I know the Morgan books came out from 1975-1982, which lines up perfectly with me being 6 and under. Nice trip down memory lane. :)

Morgan and Me 1975 Treat others the way you would like them to treat you
Morgan and Yew 1982 Love is the most important possession we can have
Morgan Mine 1982 To have a friend you must be a friend
Morgan Morning 1982 Sometimes we must lose in order to gain
Karen 11/18 '14
my family went to nyc when i was 11.
my aunt lived around the corner from the cloisters.
seeing those unicorns locked in pens and stabbed
angrier and sadder than i had ever been before
the security guard helped me get outside like he understood
Robert Bryan 11/18 '14
Life is a curious tapestry of events.

There was a post here, but I lost it switching things around and being a general dingus. *salutes*

11/16 '14

So this happened...

And they are giving me the worst headache. I was hoping to get less headaches, now I've got the funhouse effects, too.* What gives, glasses-wearing people?

*These are for astigmatism in my left eye, not age-related presbyopia. I'm supposed to wear them all day, yay!

11/15 '14 5 Comments
Not sure. Is it possible that the prescription is wrong? Or perhaps the frame is too tight or something?
They told me to wait two weeks before coming in for any of that. So I don't have a point of reference until my brain and eyes can agree on things.
Karen 11/15 '14
my experience has been that every new pair of glasses comes with a FREE two-day headache.
on a positive note, it looks as if soon you will be able to confront your headache with hot toast and bagels!
Robert Bryan 11/15 '14
Two days? Really? I can handle that. Today would be Full Day #1 if I can stick it out. I could only do a few hours the first day, and half of yesterday. These are my first glasses ever, and I can see fine with my right eye, so I get cranky at the end of the day, like "Do I even really need these if I'm still getting headaches?"
Karen 11/15 '14
Do you know that it finally hit me now, at 2am, why you mentioned hot toast and bagels? D'oh.
Karen 11/16 '14

We all went through a beading phase once, right? Before or after the knitting phase, I can't remember. I really wanted this to be something I could make money off of.

11/6 '14 8 Comments
I still do some beading, even if I'm more into making beauty products now (lotions, oils, lip balm). I have also started learning chainmaille. I made some modest money from the jewelry (mostly hemp and bead) when I was working the comic store and was allowed to have it on the counter. I have an Etsy set up, but can't get the pix right. These are very pretty and I totally think you should put them on Etsy.
Robyn 11/10 '14
Did you say lip balm?
Karen 11/15 '14
I love my lip balm. I'll give you some if you ever want to hang out again. ;)
Robyn 12/7 '14
Depending on Patch's schedule, you may be seeing us soon during the holidays! xoxo
Karen 12/12 '14
Very pretty! Open an etsy shop!
I wish Etsy had been around when I was doing this! All I had back then was an already-crappy eBay taking most of my profit.
Karen 11/15 '14
Nice work! I especially like the one with the big purple center.
You are my hero. I really like that one, too. I kept it for myself somewhere as a memento.
Karen 11/15 '14

I'm using my voice to text thing so I have no idea if this is working. I just went outside with no pants on because I realized the door had blown open in the wind at the exact same time that Alistair did and out he ran, and then out I ran after him.

The reason I had no pants on is because I have a cold and have been sleeping the entire day and having really weird dreams about pigs and wolves and snow, all while roasting to death because the heat kept coming on, because the door was open. I should be glad I hadn't taken my shirt off too. Too. Delete delete back backspace delete.

Hahahahaha. I'm leaving that in there because it's f****** funny.


I forgot to mention that Woody Harrelson was in my dream and he was trying to steal my pig. It was a little pig, maybe 20lbs, and I had no idea where it came from and I was trying to figure out what to do with it. Do I feed it? Where will it poop and pee? Do I call Animal Control? No, it's midnight for the entire dream. Do I put it outside? Suddenly it's snowing and then there is a wolf, and then another wolf, so I run out and rescue it. Weird, considering I was about to run out pantless into the cold and windy night to catch my cat before he took off.

11/2 '14 4 Comments
In many native american tribes the Wolf represents wisdom and leadership. They are believed to show people their path. Maybe the wolves in your dreams were letting you know - it's about time to run outside...
Oh god, then what does the pig represent?
Karen 11/2 '14
That, I don't know.

Good luck to all NaNo'ers today, be it with creating poems, art, music, or prose! I cannot join you but I'd love to follow your progress and cheer you on, or be a sounding board/motivator if needed. If you've got a profile page, link 'em here or find me there as "karona".

Matt Lichtenwalner , there is a write-in going on at the City View tonight til 2am! Don't you wish we could join in? Nostalgia is killing me right now. I am still feeling that First Day excitement, even after eight years.

Happy writing/creating, everyone!

11/1 '14 2 Comments
Yeah - not going to lie. Spent the evening with the Birch sisters, but that part of the night is done and I really could go for an all night writing/art session.