Excitement today.

The wind blew the door open after Roger left for work this morning. Frost heave pushes the frame out of alignment, and I've had it fixed several times, but really I need a new door. If you don't get it just right on a really cold day, it won't latch. And he usually checks it but he's still new at it. In fact, it still catches me off-guard sometimes. (I've already woken up to snow in my living room. You haven't lived.)

         (Said culprit.)

Well, all three cats were outside when I got up, including his two who've never been outside AND who won't let me near them to pick them up. Thankfully they ran straight back into the house instead of out and away from me.

I still ended up traipsing all over the neighborhood in my pajamas though (no picture provided), shaking a treat bag and carrying a favorite toy, looking for my cat who is too deaf to answer to his own name... only to have him happily greet me at the door when I got back, the little fucker*.

My feet are full of blisters and my nose is running.

*Who I was incredibly happy to see the instant I saw his face.

music: Michael Martin Murphey - "Wildfire"

mood: blustery cold and relieved

1/16 '20 9 Comments
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Ray Conrad 1/16 '20
I'm afraid it appears to be an ongoing problem. *sigh* There already enough household repairs to be made, now #doormageddon.
Karen Kuhl 1/17 '20
Turns out Rog was turning around to jiggle the handle after shutting the door, making sure it was closed before he walked to his car. That was most likely the culprit. At his house this works. At my house it nudges the latch loose again. Problem seems to be solved.
Karen Kuhl 1/21 '20
AAAAARRRRGGGHHHH that’s frustrating. Glad the cats know where warmth & food are.
Holy shit, you know it, sister. I was sweating.
Karen Kuhl 1/17 '20
I can't even imagine trying to deal with the chaos of all the cats scampering about. You're such a pro!
Anne Mollo 1/17 '20
Hahahaha! And a little crazy. You know, as required. ;)
Karen Kuhl 1/19 '20
New door. New door now.
Thomas Boutell 1/17 '20
It happened again today!

When you're right, you're right.
Karen Kuhl 1/17 '20