I've lost my absolute shit this week. Lost it. I don't even have the words. I was only sorta handling it anyway, until I wasn't handling it at all. I don't even know when, personally, it broke for me, but it's so broke.

Fuck everything. Burn it all down. I'm done.

music: Neil Young - "Ohio"

mood: %@$&

6/2 '20 9 Comments
BTW: I’m also losing my shit.
*puts on the tea kettle and pulls out the two most loved mugs*
Karen Kuhl 6/3 '20
If you've got a third beloved mug, I wouldn't mind sittin' for a spell.
Anne Mollo 6/3 '20
*adds another mug; places cat in your lap* <3
Karen Kuhl 6/4 '20
(Gets out the good honey)
I would disconnect from the news cycle. It's not doing anyone any good. The media wants you upset and tuned in to see the next outrageous thing. Too bad humans aren't built that way.
Ray Conrad 6/3 '20
Good advice. Thank you, Ray. XOXO
Karen Kuhl 6/4 '20
Love you. Do you have enough access to meds, food, water, sunlight, oxygen, etc? Do you have a cat? I can send you a CHOMPING cat but you probably don’t want a chomper.
Maybe some Ted drawings?
Love you so much, doll. I have the basics, just can't soothe the heart right now. The cat is in fact also feeling it, he's been exceptionally loud and cranky lately.

I would absolutely love some Ted drawings. <3 Please take this giant virtual hug and share it with Ted and Vince and all the fur kids living with you. And... thank you.
Karen Kuhl 6/3 '20