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Can we get to the part where Tr**p no longer occupies the top headline spot in almost every news outlet? Will this start to happen after the Electoral College confirms Biden's victory? After January 20th when Biden is sworn in? What additional BS does he have up his sleeve? How did such a malignant narcissist get elected to begin with?

OK, that's off my chest. Just having a moment of frustration.

1/3 '21 6 Comments
I so desperately want to see him leave the White House in cuffs. I would say that would remove him from the headlines (after carting him off), but I suspect (fear) it would only give him an all new environment from which to create a ruckus.
Matt Lichtenwalner 1/4 '21edited
Poetically justified as that would be, I don't think they'll have any cases developed enough for handcuffs by January 20th. Hopefully we'll see it in some other place, in the not too distant future.
I would settle for that, happily.
Hunter and I want to see him shit himself on TV, just because that may be the only thing that will ever induce shame in that dirtbag. Hunter's theory is that he already has shit himself but no one around him drew attention to the smell, unlike poor Rudy and his audible farts. Poor, poor Rudy.

Hello OPW platform. I think the time may finally have come for me to leave Facebook for good (and I mean that in both senses of the word: forever, and for benefit). This platform has always appealed to me more than that one anyway, with one exception: staying in touch with my family and distant friends. But that's not cutting it anymore. For one thing, that's a slacker way to stay in touch with the people I care about. For another, the rest of Facebook's features have coagulated into a steaming pile of toxic garbage. The bottom line is that I feel so much better when I don't look at Facebook.

Guess what else? My siblings and I have started communicating via a text thread that links all four of us. Now I have all the communication and none of the toxic garbage.

Also...more time for this platform, which links me to friends - also with none of the toxic garbage.

Thanks again, Tom. What took me so long?

12/28 '20 16 Comments
Welcome to the neighborhood!

It's always interesting to hear about different people's tipping points when it comes to FB. Not sure what year it was for me, but at some point I just couldn't engage any more, and I felt that even a passive presence was offering support (and data, not my own but everyone I indicated a connection to).
Anne Mollo 12/28 '20
Yeah, the support/data thing...thinking about that is hard. I don't know how we fix that.
Sharon Crowley 12/30 '20
Thomas Boutell 12/30 '20
Thanks! It'll be nice to interact with you again. I was just telling some friends a - pair of former students I meet up with every now and then, one of whom is a poet - about your daily sonnets on Livejournal. He (Logan) expressed admiration. :)
Sharon Crowley 12/30 '20
Hi Lindsay!! Happy to see you. :)
Sharon Crowley 12/30 '20
Welcome! Looking forward to catching up on you!
(Myself, I've muted so many people on Facebook that my feed is pretty much all rainbows and unicorns. And Van builds. )
Ursula Sadiq 12/29 '20
Hey there! I saw a couple of your van build posts here. Looks cool. I can't wait to see what you do with it. :)
Sharon Crowley 12/30 '20
I've been enjoying your van-build journey.
Karen Kuhl 12/29 '20edited
Welcome, Sharon! Your story sounds very familiar, sibling group-texts and all. I "left" in 2015 (it's more like quitting cigarettes, I still sneak it once or twice a year), but the relief is palpable. Glad to have you here!
Karen Kuhl 12/28 '20edited
Thanks! I'm glad, too.
Sharon Crowley 12/30 '20
Woot! More goodness to read!
Rob 12/29 '20
Awwww. Hi Robbbbbbbb!
Sharon Crowley 12/30 '20
yay! so glad you're here!!! xoxo
Jenn A 12/29 '20
Hi Jenn! Glad to see you here too. :)
Sharon Crowley 12/30 '20
I'm always up for a little more Sharon in my life, so I'm pretty psyched to hear it!

And eff FB anyway.

I can't remember how it started, but last night I went down an internet rabbit hole looking up information about the 1996 disaster on Everest. (Jon Krakauer wrote about it in Into Thin Air.) Well, that led me down the the more wide-rangingly morbid path of reading about other people who've died on Everest - that number is close to 300 since 1922. Most of those bodies remain up there because it's not feasible to remove them - people have literally died, trying. I'm haunted by the fact that some of these bodies serve as landmarks for subsequent climbers.

Just a warning: if you start looking into this can't avoid seeing photographs of the dead. The most interesting body to me, personally, is that of George Mallory, who ascended and died on Everest in 1924. His body was found in 1999, and it still has most of its flesh. I mean to say, it is not a skeleton. The flesh appears completely bleached white in photographs. (Edit to add: I'm interested because of how well-preserved his body is, not because of who he was.) For context...Mallory is the guy who gave us the phrase, "Because it's there," as an explanation for climbing Everest.

I have zero interest in climbing Everest, or even the more conveniently located (since I live in Seattle) Mt. Rainier, for that matter. I've been up to Camp Muir on Rainier, which is at about 10,200 ft. From there I could see the next leg of the journey that climbers take when they attempt the summit. It becomes a technical climb (as opposed to a "hike") from there - Camp Muir is where summit aspirants spend the night before the final 4,200 ft. push. I still remember looking at the crevasse field on the Cowlitz glacier, which is immediately adjacent to the stone shelter that was built up there in 1921. That view created a pit of pure dread in my stomach. I enjoyed the rest of the day - particularly "boot skiing" down the Muir Snowfield - but that dread haunted me all the way down. I was relieved when my friend Siobhan and I got back to our car. Since then, I haven't been up to anything  even approaching that altitude.

Another memory from that climb that sticks: how it feels, physically, to ascend above ~8500ft. where the oxygen deprivation starts to become very noticeable. It's a weird experience: working so hard; fighting for breath while making very little progress.

Mt. Everest is 29,029 ft. at its highest point. That is 3.4 times the altitude at which I started experiencing oxygen depletion on my way to Camp Muir. Climbers hang out for days at severeal different points in order to acclimatize to the altitude. Those who undertake that climb know that death is a serious risk, they feel the lack of oxygen, and yet they continue on up anyway.

I can't get my head around it: the desire just to attempt the summit of Everest, the persistence necessary to weather the extreme oxygen deprivation - to say nothing of the cold - and then passing all of those bodies along the way. To keep going, despite all of that.

Just to be clear: I don't think it takes courage or heroism to climb Mt. Everest - nor would I call it "ambition," exactly. It certainly takes desire and persistence. Also required: a downright pathological degree of hubris - verging on stupidity, in my opinion. I also don't begrudge anyone who chooses to make the attempt. Mostly I don't. I have serious questions for the ones who climb up that high when they have small children at home. Everyone leaves loved ones behind, but children are different. Dependents.

Why am I so fascinated by the stories, then? Why do they have the power to lead me down rabbit holes?

Because it is there.

Just kidding. Because the struggle between desire and obstacles is fascinating. We do this every day.
And there's something to be said when those obstacles are SO big. When it comes to obstacles we know that we ourselves could overcome, it's easy to pass on to the next thing. When it's something we know in our hearts that we just _couldn't_ do ourselves there's a fascination factor. These are humans, so they aren't that very different than us, but what they seem capable of - or at least to have enough hubris to try....
That hubris,'s pretty hard for me to get past that.
Yeah. It's really something.
Also - Mark and I have a friend from high school who does things like this. She's really kinda amazing, and her story is something to behold. The short version: her mother passed away young (I don't recall the reason atm). Our friend Payge was going through her mother's things when she found her mother's bucket list. Filled with grand adventure. Her mother was cremated and Payge now checks off items from her mother's bucket list - with a vial of her mother's ashes hanging from her neck.

All this after Payge broke her back in a car accident in front of my house. She's kinda amazing.

In case anyone's curious:
Matt Lichtenwalner 4/8 '17edited
Holy shit.
I just signed up for her YouTube channel. She's amazing.
It's true. We're kinda bonded in this very small way for life because I was the first responder at the scene when she broke her back. One of these days I hope to run into her while I'm on the road. :)
Whoa. Gorilla Glue doesn't bond like that.
Yeah. It's quite an experience. I don't really recommend it though.
WOW. That is an intense way to meet someone. XOXO
Sharon Crowley 4/11 '17
I actually knew her beforehand - we went to the same high school and were 'friends' through common friends. Of course, we wouldn't have stayed in touch or known much of anything about each other as adults if not for that day.

:::waves hello:::  I am here, finally, after having established my account almost 2 months ago. That's about how my turnaround time has been, lately. I'm still posting sporadically at LiveJournal as well. I'm not quite sure how I'm going to use this site, but for now it's enough to say hi to those who already know me from LJ, FB, or RL, and to anyone new who might be reading this.

So far I really like the interface. It's clean, bright, and readable. It feels like a nice middle ground between FB and a blog platform.

OK, I'm off to read other peoples' posts now.

10/28 '14 3 Comments
Welcome aboard! It's good to see you around.
Thank you for being a frieeeeeeend....