Hello OPW platform. I think the time may finally have come for me to leave Facebook for good (and I mean that in both senses of the word: forever, and for benefit). This platform has always appealed to me more than that one anyway, with one exception: staying in touch with my family and distant friends. But that's not cutting it anymore. For one thing, that's a slacker way to stay in touch with the people I care about. For another, the rest of Facebook's features have coagulated into a steaming pile of toxic garbage. The bottom line is that I feel so much better when I don't look at Facebook.

Guess what else? My siblings and I have started communicating via a text thread that links all four of us. Now I have all the communication and none of the toxic garbage.

Also...more time for this platform, which links me to friends - also with none of the toxic garbage.

Thanks again, Tom. What took me so long?

12/28 '20 16 Comments
Welcome, Sharon! Your story sounds very familiar, sibling group-texts and all. I "left" in 2015 (it's more like quitting cigarettes, I still sneak it once or twice a year), but the relief is palpable. Glad to have you here!
Karen Kuhl 12/28 '20edited
Thanks! I'm glad, too.
Sharon Crowley 12/30 '20
Welcome to the neighborhood!

It's always interesting to hear about different people's tipping points when it comes to FB. Not sure what year it was for me, but at some point I just couldn't engage any more, and I felt that even a passive presence was offering support (and data, not my own but everyone I indicated a connection to).
Anne Mollo 12/28 '20
Yeah, the support/data thing...thinking about that is hard. I don't know how we fix that.
Sharon Crowley 12/30 '20
Hi Lindsay!! Happy to see you. :)
Sharon Crowley 12/30 '20
Woot! More goodness to read!
Rob 12/29 '20
Awwww. Hi Robbbbbbbb!
Sharon Crowley 12/30 '20
yay! so glad you're here!!! xoxo
Jenn A 12/29 '20
Hi Jenn! Glad to see you here too. :)
Sharon Crowley 12/30 '20
Welcome! Looking forward to catching up on you!
(Myself, I've muted so many people on Facebook that my feed is pretty much all rainbows and unicorns. And Van builds. )
Ursula Sadiq 12/29 '20
I've been enjoying your van-build journey.
Karen Kuhl 12/29 '20edited
Hey there! I saw a couple of your van build posts here. Looks cool. I can't wait to see what you do with it. :)
Sharon Crowley 12/30 '20
Thomas Boutell 12/30 '20
Thanks! It'll be nice to interact with you again. I was just telling some friends a - pair of former students I meet up with every now and then, one of whom is a poet - about your daily sonnets on Livejournal. He (Logan) expressed admiration. :)
Sharon Crowley 12/30 '20
I'm always up for a little more Sharon in my life, so I'm pretty psyched to hear it!

And eff FB anyway.