Can we get to the part where Tr**p no longer occupies the top headline spot in almost every news outlet? Will this start to happen after the Electoral College confirms Biden's victory? After January 20th when Biden is sworn in? What additional BS does he have up his sleeve? How did such a malignant narcissist get elected to begin with?

OK, that's off my chest. Just having a moment of frustration.

I so desperately want to see him leave the White House in cuffs. I would say that would remove him from the headlines (after carting him off), but I suspect (fear) it would only give him an all new environment from which to create a ruckus.
Poetically justified as that would be, I don't think they'll have any cases developed enough for handcuffs by January 20th. Hopefully we'll see it in some other place, in the not too distant future.
I would settle for that, happily.
Hunter and I want to see him shit himself on TV, just because that may be the only thing that will ever induce shame in that dirtbag. Hunter's theory is that he already has shit himself but no one around him drew attention to the smell, unlike poor Rudy and his audible farts. Poor, poor Rudy.