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It occurs to me that I never posted finished photos of what I did with the silhouettes I posted about last month.

So here:

I made a cuttouts of my campmates and framed them. I did this 4 times i n various color combinations, and have 1 more to make. (I stopped because I ran out of frames). I made several because some of my campmates wanted their own copies. Here are 2 of the finished product - coffee mug included for scale

And then, with the silhoutte of my daughter, I assembled a wall hanging, and then attempted an inlay. The inlay is not as perfectly flush as I would like, but I'm fine with it as a first try.

So yes, having fun with the Glowforgeous Splendiferous. 

3/24 '18 3 Comments
This is really cool!
Sweet toy
Thomas Boutell 3/25 '18
What ^they^ said.

Last night, some nice people said some nice things to me about the mermaid nightgown. So this morning I was inspired to spend time on a skirt made from the remaining mermaid print fabric.

I can't really finish the hemlin until the kid is around again next week.

Someday I will have to get me a serger.

3/17 '18 1 Comment
Looking good!

Well over a year ago I bought some mermaid print fabric with intention of making my daughter a nightgown. Today, I finally made it.

I goofed the pattern some, but it's a nightgown, so there is a lot of room for slop. (actually, I didn't so much goof the pattern as pick the wrong pattern, then tried to correct for this after the first few parts were already cut out.)

Anywhoo, she's sleeping in it tonight. Warms the cockles, it does :-) 

3/11 '18 5 Comments
I love it! What does she think of it? That's a fun fabric.
It's cool fabric - she picked it! She usually likes the clothes I make her, including this one. Sometimes she likes them too much - I made her a play long costume skirt (un-hemmed, just a circle with elastic) and she keeps wanting to wear it to school. . . . I don't actually try to make real clothes, just PJs and costumes. And the occasional flag.
Ursula Sadiq 3/11 '18edited
There's nothing better than an appreciative recipient, is there? :)
I love the flared skirt. That is one fancy nightgown.
Yeah! I love how the flare of the nightgown is reminiscent of a mermaid's tail. So cute!

I am in a slump, creativity wise. Slogging along. I had the flu 2 weeks ago. Still coughing from that. And the mid-winter blahs doesn't help. And, oh joy, I strained my back 2 days ago so I'm gimpy and grumpy.

Anywhoooo, I saw an ad with silhouettes. And decided I should make some silhouettes on my underused laser cutter in the basement. But first, I needed some silhouettes. So I dug up some photos, and taught myself how to make silhouettes in Gimp (=freeware photoshop).  Source photos for the first 2 below.

The third silhouette is of the 8 campers in my camp last month at LoveBurn. Created from a number of camp photos. . . . next up cutting cardstock with these files. As soon as my back can handle walking down to the basement.

2/24 '18 5 Comments
What's causing the yellow-green around the spear tip?
Brian Rapp 2/25 '18
There are feathers tied near the tip.
Ursula Sadiq 2/27 '18
Yeah - those silhouettes are kinda awesome! Nice work. I wonder if I should do something similar - but fantasy / sci-fi themed. Hmmm...
You should! And then you should get a laser cutter to make them into artifacts. ;-)
Ursula Sadiq 2/27 '18

The flag turned out alright. . .it's really red-white-green, but the yellow street lights washed all that out in this video. Also, it was crazy windy for the first 2 days. Snapped our flagpole!

2/6 '18

And I cut the stencil for the flag. I'm a bit sad that the stencil is so small, but my lasercutter is only 20" x 12"  :-/  

I'm expecting it to look like this one the flag. Wish it was bigger :-/

1/23 '18 2 Comments
This is SO cool! I'm happy you included the coffee mug in the shot for scale. And the flag is really cool! Do you have a laser cutter in your house, or do you go to a makerspace? (You said "my lasercutter," but I didn't know if that was literal.) If so, you are the second person I know!

Do you know Mike Sandler? He's got one and laser-engraves pretty much anything he can get his hands on. It's really fun!

I do know Sandler! He cut things for me before I got my VERY OWN GLOWFORGE. It's a small bed cutter 20' x 11' cutting area. Currently living in my basement.

I wish we had a makerspace around Dover. But we don't, so I've resorted to buying my own toys. And sometimes chatting up contractor type dudes with cool tools at the local bar (#notaEuphamism).
Ursula Sadiq 1/30 '18

I made a flag. White bedsheet, red pillowcase, green material that was just hanging around the house.

And then I attempted to make a stencil for the flag, but I gave up after 5 hours. Well, didn't so much give up as decide my design needed to be simplified. So I walked away from the effort for a while. Hopefully will get back to it soonish.

1/18 '18

My Christmas Adam had recovery from a daytrip to NYC, a lovely Christmas gamer dinner party, discovering a new dive bar with an old friendly bass player buying shots, Santa selfies, and lovely nightcaps with the best of friends.

My Christmas Eve had visiting of newborns, wrapping of the gifts, free yams, tearing up at Christmas carols, and the watching of Doctor Who (the Christmas Special from some years back).

My Christmas had family visits, naps, snake cuddles, firepit mashmallows, and vodka infused gummy bears.

My Boxing Day had the ex's cat giving me $50 for the local bar, midol, Cabernet, pillow forts, play date planning, and introspection.

Who knows what tomorrow might bring. Living the dream.

12/27 '17 3 Comments
Sounds like a a lovely few days. :)

"Christmas Adam:" I've never heard that term before, but I lervez it and would like to steal it (giving credit, of course).

The midol possibly explains tearing up at Christmas carols a few days prior if we're at all alike. I was tearing up at similar things this week. Good times.
I stole Christmas Adam from some post on the interwebs. It's already in urban dictionary. Use away, no credit needed.

Hah, good call on the PMS induced tears. Tis likely. I enjoy that I can still tear up at the little things sometimes, as I'm typically pretty thick skinned and walled off.
Ursula Sadiq 12/28 '17
I cry at a lot of things, but usually only the first or second time. I cry when we watch Muppet Christmas Carol every year. 'Thankful Heart' gets me every time.

Also, it must be fun to get gifts from your ex's cat. How did he (or she) sign the card?

Festival life does not suck. 

BALLS. Balls Camp. Balls lite. Happy happy hour(s). Pink Heart redubbing.

Parking. Coordinating. BOD-on-Call. Gate.

Lost. Found.            Rings. Radio.          I don't believe I like having a radio. 

Walkabout. Backfield. Country Club Life. I need better camping fest shoes.

Festival life does not suck. Or so I was told. And so I agreed. Agree.

Serotonin. Dopamine. Anticipating drops. The sad parade.

Flips. Conclave. Sanctuary Dance. Fight milk. Furries. Showers. On call. Hot seat. Suspension unseen.

The Land. Misty Mornings. Frost! Perfect Fall weather. Cold cold nights.

Building the burn you want. Long nights, walks with friends, walks alone. Golf cart rides. Dancing. Fire pit camaraderie. Constellations.

And always coming home to the welcoming blue shiny embrace of camp.

10/3 '17

Giant zucchini season has arrived!

I'm usually not one to brag, but I grew this. Yay, me!

7/9 '17 5 Comments
Holy crap. At a glance, I thought that was a dime.
Shit, you're right, it's a quarter. Thanks for pointing that out.

I was going to say "EVERYTHING looks big next to a dime... uh... people tell me."
Wow. Nice work! How did it taste?
Well, it's half the zucchini it used to be. It is living up to expectations. Meaning, tasty in a garden omelette and with pasta, and untouched by the 6yr old.
Ursula Sadiq 7/10 '17